The DOE’s new tool BITES. Seriously, thats the name

The Department of Energy’s EERE (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy) Program has released a new online tool called BITES. Im not kidding. BITES is the abbreviation for the “Buildings Industry Transportation Electricity Scenarios” which is currently in its beta version.  The website itself actually looks pretty cool; it actually may not “bite”, at least not upon first impression. By creating certain scenarios people can measure their energy output across various categories. In addition, the BITES tool can help an individual or business get an idea of how to cut back on energy use, what can be saved by switching to alternative fuels, etc. Just about any scenario can be plugged in and the user can get a very colorful and informative output; they can even make a shiny video! I am wondering how much this “tool” cost. Of course there is a section reserved for educators and classroom exercises will be available soon. That may, in fact, totally bite. We shall see.



ON THE SAME DAY…DOE Ramps up Electric Vehicle Information; Costco removes EV chargers “No one uses” them

Euro fail-Lets try it

Oh the sweet irony…

On the same day that Costco has removed their Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations the Department of Energy ramped up their efforts to inform people how to use their EV’s. The DOE has launched two online tools to help EV owners make the transformation from gasloine cars to coal powered EV’s. While most Americans know that government often misses the bullseye this piece of irony shows that they have not even taken aim at the correct target.

Costco has removed the EV charging stations due to the fact that no one uses them. Northern California Costco General Manager Dennis Hoover said “At our Folsom store”, the manager said he hadn’t seen anybody using the E.V. charging in a full year. At our store in Vacaville, where we had six chargers, one person plugged in once a week.”

Adding ““Why should we have anybody spend money on a program that nobody’s thought through?”

Good question Dennis, but dont expect the administration or any bureaucrat to answer that. Instead the Department of Energy has given a big push instructing people how to adapt to their new EV’s. Mind you, this was the same day (Aug 22) that is was reported that the charging stations would be removed from Costco.

The Department of Energy’s release announcing two new online tools for you and your new EV can be found here.

Im glad we are spending money on failed directives so that libtards have something to talk about while they take bong hits. Happy Charging Hippies

PS-Both the story and the government initiative were released the same day

PPS-Dear hippies, even your ilk keep predicting the failure of the Electric Vehicle (2009). Not much has changed since the early 20th century.