Breitbart: Beck is a “Coward”. And a long overdue thank you…

I even stole Greg Gutfeld's look

Most riffs between public figures are short lived and usually die out slowly with an uneventful fizzle. But the Glenn Beck problem seems to be getting worse and the only person holding him accountable, regarding anything substantial, is Andrew Breitbart.

“He’s dead to me” – Breitbart regarding Beck

Take a listen to Breitbart’s appearance on Stephen K. Bannon’s Victory Sessions excerpt here. While I usually do not endorse the circular firing squad Andrew is, and has been, totally justified on the topics he addresses. And to date Beck has not had the integrity to even attempt to set the record straight.

The latest issue with Beck comes from comments he made regarding Tea Party support for Newt Gingrich on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. Beck makes the comparison that since Gingrich is a Progressive, much like Obama, then the only justification for this support is obviously based on race. It is truly despicable. I advise you to watch the video at here at Big Government. Andrew also rails on Beck, and rightly so, for throwing him under the bus regarding the Shirley Sherrod incident as well as revisiting the slimeball tactics of stealing bloggers work and giving no attribution. This part of the story affects me personally as I was one of the bloggers that Beck didnt just borrow my work but straight out plagiarized seven paragraphs from my article with no reference to the source.

The expose was done by The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle and listed off an embarrassing number of incidents where Beck had lifted material from others. All your favorites are listed as victims: Pajama’s Media, Rebel Pundit, Media Research Center (MRC), Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick), Verum Serum, Pamella Geller, and yours truly. [You can read about Beck and Staff plagiarism here] Two days prior Glenn Beck had featured my article regarding the collusion between the State Department and Egyptian activists on his nationally syndicated radio show [Video Here]. This was the only time he gave any attribution; after that is was plagiarism and low level ripoff. Furthermore my series on Egypt and the State Department’s activities in fomenting a revolution showed that others were concerned their actions would trigger such an event. It was so explosive that it formed the foundation of Beck’s week-long tv special. There again my work was lifted with no attribution. It was a terrible shame because I couldve advised them and covered important details that they missed.

A Special Thanks to Andrew

I wanted to thank Andrew for two reasons. First and foremost for taking the time to give me an interview on his book “Righteous Indignation.” My page views and the payment I received for the interview from Yahoo News made up for the page views I lost due to Beck’s plagiarism. However, I think the best part of our conversation came when Andrew told me exactly what he was thinking when it came down to brass tacks. He stood up for his writers, and other writers that he did not even know, because it was the right thing to do. He could’ve easily brushed aside Becks trespasses, lies, and ethical violations to absorb a possibly larger following by just hopping out from underneath the Beck Bus and getting on board. Instead he pulled himself out from underneath the bus and chased it down the street punching the windows out. The audience can get his feelings about this verbatim from the 4th part of our conversation here. (Included is the video of Beck’s immature response-a must see)

More importantly I wanted to thank Andrew for keeping up the fight. This has been going on for nearly a year now. With the way that Andrew addresses these issues you would think it happened yesterday. And every time he he revisits these injustices from the “coward” he brings all of us who have been wronged along with him and relights the fire. For me to address my issue alone sounds like another blogger whining; something I have done fairly well with avoiding here. With Andrew sticking to his guns he fights along side of me and the others who had the displeasure of crossing paths with Beck and his dishonest campaign to make himself the center of attention; at any cost. And that is where the difference lies. Beck’s fight is to save face and maintain the facade of an influential personality in the political spectrum. Andrew is the true influential personality because no facade would suit him nor would there be time to construct one proper. He is too wrapped up in fighting the good fight all while leading with his chin. This thank you was long overdue.


Andrew Breitbart and our Glenn Beck beef; Proper Attribution, Plagiarism, and Context (Part 4)

If you missed Part 1: My Yahoo News Exclusive-Q&A: Andrew Breitbart.

Part 4: Andrew Breitbart on our mutual Glenn Beck beef

Just days after the release of his new book “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World” I was able to sit down with Andrew Breitbart and discuss everything from his strategy (“the primer”), a jaw-dropping interview with MSNBC hack Martin Bashir, and the beef with Glenn Beck. Since both him and I appeared in the Daily Caller’s article on this topic, I figured it was only proper to get his opinion while I had the chance. After all, there were serious charges being made. Breitbart’s beef brought him into a lawsuit due to the misrepresentation of context over the Shirley Sherrod ordeal; whereas my beef was about straight up plagiarism.

But before we get to that here is what Andrew Breitbart had to say in regards to the Glenn Beck beef over Shirley Sherrod, and how in another instance he was sticking up for his writers first and foremost. Beck’s on air response to the Daily Caller article was immature and dishonest. He goes as far as introducing a minimalist conspiracy theory that the author, Matthew Boyle, is more or less operating as a journalist-hitman because Beck didn’t run James Okeefe’s hidden camera videos with NPR executives. Breitbart explains in a more coherent way how these events took place. First, the transcript, verbatim, of our discussion on the topic; then video of Beck’s on air response. Lastly, the plagiarism which is addressed in the Daily Caller article and still remains on his site to this day.

Q: In the Daily Caller there was a recent article about a little beef between Glenn Beck, yourself, and one of your contributors (and my therapist) Liberty Chick

A: Yeah, in addition to other contributors from other sites.

Q: Yeah I know, I’m on the same article as you

A: Oh wow. Are you that guy from Associated Content? Oh my god, I am so sorry. That was the worst story in there. That was the most harrowing story in there.

Q: I didn’t think he handled it very well (Daily Caller article). He came on air and made a joke of it by facetiously implying a conspiracy theory. I’m totally plagiarized on his site; he could’ve at least fixed it. But I don’t care. The message got out there, it launched, a bunch of people picked up on it, it became a week long tv spot, cool.

A: I told people from my site that complained to me about this phenomenon; I said I am aware of it. I spoke to a producer to try and remedy it. And I saw partial alterations to try and correct it. It wasn’t perfect but it was better; as far as my content. But I noticed it was happening with other people within my family of sites. And I said to them “this is up to you, these are your stories that are vibrant and vital and the chances of them seeing the light of day if it wasnt for Glenn Beck are maybe one in a thousand. But then there is that thing called attribution and credit. So you are going to have to make the determination if you’re for getting the message out and fighting for the cause or if you are for the other cause.” And when they decided to come forward it put me in a position where I had to stand by my authors. So I did. And that was the basis of that ordeal. It just so happens to coincides with something that I take a little more personal with Glenn Beck and it is pure coincidence that it is timed right now. But then it relates to the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit by discovering that he didnt just throw me under the bus, he lied in the process. And I just discovered the extent to which he attacked her and edited, sliced up, her audio and made it about her.

Q: Which it wasnt. It was about the NAACP’s reaction

A: Right. And if you look at Media Matters, of all places, chronicled the first (inaudible) Glenn Beck audio where he actually cut it up into little 5 and 10 second vignettes from a large excerpt that we had posted that included her redemptive narrative about it not being about black versus white but rather rich versus poor. And he certainly missed the big picture. He said on the show that this was “Big Government” so he credited it but he didnt read from it and he didnt point out the massive context of the previous week’s battle which was between the Tea Party and the NAACP by lying and claiming that the “n” word was said at a Capitol Hill Tea Party the day before Obamacare passed.

Q: Yeah I tried to get in touch with you over that affair. When you offered ten grand for proof of that happening I tried to get in touch with you to match you.

A: Oh really? But then I offered one hundred thousand (laughter)

Q: Yeah, then I couldnt keep up

A: You know I have been fighting for the integrity of the Tea Party which is now a million strong. Why is it that one goofy guy with a mortgage and two car payments is the only guy out there defending the Tea party? The mainstream media just thinks that these are the rubes from fly-over country and they have no desire to protect their integrity.

Beck’s On Air Response (full segment)
The Plagiarism
Simply put Beck’s staff was contacted on three occasions by myself. First was to send them the link to the bombshell revealing the State Department’s involvement with the Egyptian uprising. The second and third time was to address a separate article his staff plagiarized. He read the first on air with attribution. However, he says before reading the article that “we also have something here from that seems to verify it.” It sounds like they have done outside research; they hadn’t. Its the main link in the story; without it the story isn’t possible.
*The follow up to the initial story is what is still plagiarized on and although it was brought to their attention twice by myself and now by the Daily Caller it still remains unchanged. Ironically, the post is the “Study Guide” for the Egyptian uprisings. Two screen captures show my page versus his page. Clicking the pictures will take you to their respective pages. By this time I had broken down Google and the State Department’s involvement in this “community organizing” effort not just in Egypt but also Iraq. But now for the plagiarism: Right click pics and open both in separate tabs for side by side comparison.
“The Other Google Employees” (mine 2/10/11)

From February 10, 2011


“The Other Google Employees” four days later (Beck 2/14/11)
Click pic-Scroll half-way down page

END NOTE: This is not an attack on Beck. There is a difference between a baseless attack on someone and holding them accountable. As this sitaution was developing I spoke with others mentioned in the Daily Caller article in regards to this. Their concern was that the left would hype this up as the right eating their own. Liberty Chick had the foresight to not only see that but also told me that Beck would probably react the exact same way as he ended up responding. She was right and that was the most disappointing part. Integrity would’ve prevented that. Beck responded the same way as if this was an attack leveled by Media Matters. It was nothing more than like-minded fans and supporters trying to bring an issue to light after not being able to make headway with Beck and staff on their own. My charge of plagiarism is the most serious charge that can be leveled on a person in the communications field. Yet is was brushed aside. If Beck would like to maintain that he is a man of integrity then he will live up to his slogan: “The Truth Has No Agenda”. I have told the truth, Matthew Boyle (Daily Caller) has told the truth, and Andrew Breitbart has told the truth. Glen Beck has avoided it. I do not need to add the disclaimer of the importance and impact of what both of Beck’s shows accomplish; that is like the stupid disclaimer after a suicide bombing attack that everyone feels they need to make. The qualifier “But most muslims are peaceful…” is meaningless. There are always exceptions. To date Beck has only lacked integrity once. This was a call for him to correct it. To date he hasn’t.

Daily Caller-Glenn Beck Content Theft from fellow conservatives and bloggers

Conservatives hit Beck for taking content without attribution

Well, what do we have here? This is really unfortunate that Glenn Beck has been hijacking good folks. But there is a bonus, Im in there! (page 3). And he also jacked Liberty Chick (that was probably the final straw)

Written by Matthew Boyle, he puts the myth to rest that “awesome” can be learned. It can’t-you have to be born with it. Go read it now and come back here.

Important Note: Beck on air claimed that I was given proper attribution in his Egypt “Study Guide”. He should have checked his own website before making that statement. Seven paragraphs, verbatim, are still on his site with no attribution. That post will come later with details, screen shots, and video from his show. Don’t worry Glenn, I still love you. And not in that phony Van Jones way.

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