Manned Drone Chases French Police Car

Lets start the new year off on a happy note; we have a whole new year to deal with the coming gloom and doom that comes with the territory of current affairs and the even smaller subdivision of politics. So, today we will get a chuckle out of a private citizen messing with the French police flying his own personal drone. As much as people scream about the intrusion into our lives with surveillance (especially now that drones seem tobe used more and more domestically) lets not forget the counter-impact video cameras, and later camera phones, had on the surveillance state and their actors. I can only imagine that private drones will also do the same. And it will be entertaining to watch that specific field progress. Enjoy! And think about getting youre own personal drone if you are serious about fighting back against the state.

Moving Forward: Next Step in Pigford Fraud and Investigation

The Pigford scandal and the exposing of billions of dollars of misappropriated (technically fraudulent) payments were made to individuals claiming to be farmers. The payments were made to “farmers” even if they had “attempted to farm”. So wildly fraudulent this is one wonders why there even needs to be a fight over stopping this; considering the evidence revealed in the investigation.

Instead of this being immediately addressed and shutdown politicians are dragging their feet. And this is why I am asking for 2 minutes of your time so you can make a difference. You can familiarize yourself with the investigation, which is now 6 months old, here at Big Government.


Lee Stranahan, the lead investigator on Pigford, has conducted an interview today with Rep. King on the topic and also provides the link to the petition that I am requesting you, my readers, to sign. Stopping fraud in government seems like a fait accompli to most of us; especially those who follow government closely. However, a real chance to help make a difference has now appeared courtesy of Stranahan’s diligence in this investigation and Breitbart’s willingness to host this developing story exposing ongoing corruption.

You in my audience, have been amazing when it comes to communication and taking action. With the many blogs that I have run in the past this is the only one with a loyal following that developed into great personal relationships. While we have discussed and investigated many issues here this is one that can produce demonstrable results in a relatively short time. And since all of you have been willing to sign up for the longer duration fights I think you will find this cause relieving in the sense that it is happening now, and you can make a difference now. Lets make chops and bacon out of Pigford.

Sterilization to be covered under ObamaCare

Less people-More Miniature Jackalopes Please

Today, Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis sent a report over to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellius. The report (Full Text Here) included 12 additional benefits to be included under the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

One of those benefits is sterilization. But look at how crafty they were in classifying this as a regular benefit: First the chart and then the explanation.

Out of all plans, sterilization has 75% of plans which make “No Mention” of sterilization procedures. About 1% specifically prohibit it. Heres the catch, out of the approximate 25% that do cover sterilization services it is considered a regular benefit. Notice it is as essential as kidney dialysis but registers on par with emergency room visits

Therefore, it is considered a regular benefit to be written into the Affordable Care Act.

Eugenics for the 21st Century?

But this is health care for the poor, right? What if they ever change their mind? Will it even matter?  After all, only one-way procedures are covered under private insurance. We should expect the same from the government who is copying the private sector. Will there be government incentives for sterilization? Maybe an earned income style tax credit? What about a CO2 credit? Or will they have blown their money on Ipads and flat screen tv’s never being able to afford the reverse procedure? Heres the upside. If this expands Planned Parenthood will be fast to lobby against it, pitting the left against themselves. After all, they earn their money from abortions.