Coming up this week: Diamonds are Forever…

Please take a seat, any seat. The view is the same no matter where you are seated...and enjoy the show

Just a heads up for what is coming up this week. A considerable amount of tweeps have started to follow me over the past week so this is for you guys.

1) Part 2 of Barret Brown Living in Denial, More details of my Conversation with him and the hack of his personal phone calls. You can find the back story here, and part 2 will be addressing his hacked phone calls-available here. Contributor Ben Grier posted the link to the post and Brown had mistaken him for me. That coudlve been resolved with Google. But fuck it, Brown doesnt do research unless he is targeting someone or creating the bibliography for his book.

2) [nano] Diamonds are Forever. I called up my good friend Pat Dollard. He was busy doing his regular daily activities; tossing dwarves into a pond, wrestling hyenas, etc. And said, “Hey, remember how much of a flop the new START treaty was? Well I got an internal document. The Russians lied to the IAEA. They slid the head of underground nuclear explosions into the pact and said he was an expert in nano diamonds.” Hmmm. Iran is their ally; they are testing underground. But I’m sure there is nothing to see here. Dollard boxed up a dwarf and Fed Ex’ed it to me. Back story on IAEA and START available here

3) Mystery Project. But I’ll give you a hint. “Ivan Petrov”, Guraba, Anwar al-Awlaki, Farrakhan, and Malcolm X. What does this have to do with the US? Stay tuned. I might have to bring John Brooks in on this. No back story available, so this should be a ton of fun.

4) Crying Wolfe. The deranged and terrible tale of a private individual targeted for total destruction. New developments required the party van to be fueled up…Don’t know the back story? I’ll give you the tl;dr version. Mike Stack retweets Anthony Weiner pic and his life has been hell ever since; including a SWAT’ting. This from the tolerant left

New Video: Anwar al-Awlaki from the grave, “Martyr of Dawah”

Im pretty dead-lets hope someone kills the websites my propaganda is on

“You have two choices…leave and live among Muslims, or stay behind and follow the example of Nidal Hassan and others.” This is advice given to Muslims in a new previously unreleased video entitled “The Martyr of Dawah”

al-Malahem Media is releasing a video of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born loser who turned traitor and went to live in Yemen in order to help radicalize other muslims to fight against the west.

Excerpts of the cult’s propaganda video, “Da’Wah Martyr” are being released. The Memri Blog has decided to embrace the West’s evil capitalism and is offering readers the “full report” for paying subscribers here. While they believe that capitalism and the chasing of profits is the root of all evil in the world, they are comfortable partaking in it just to bring the message that capitalism is in fact evil.

Of course if you dont want to give your hard earned money over to Memri you’re in luck. The radicals have a lot of forums scattered around the intertubes and you can get the video for free. But if you want it you better get it fast before th3j35t3r orders Saladin to permanently take it out 🙂 My fingers are crossed.

This forum post contains a dangerous amount of links to hundreds of uploads and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet. But so far this is the only live link that I have found with the Anwar al-Awlaki video in full.

Screen caps of the forum just for posterity. (cropped out Password) Lets hope it doesnt stay active for too long