Hate Crimes: Entirely Subjective and Arguably Parochial and Oppressive

In sticking with the new format I thought I should post this video. The narrator does a great job in showing just how oppressive, subjective, and racially parochial “hate” and “race” crimes truly are. He accomplishes this by showing countless examples of what would be [reverse] race crimes that were never tried as such. Why? Quite simply; the victims were Caucasian. We all know that race crimes can not be committed against crackers. After working in war torn regions of Africa I can honestly say that I would be in support of rating every Black on Black crime in the world (not just the US and Western countries) as “hate” or “race” crimes. Justified since all the offences diminish the race. Fair enough? Let us get ridiculous with this bullshit political correctness in order to invalidate it. Trust me, this video is worth your time even if you ignored the above rant. Cheers.

Invisible Children Director Arrested for Publicly Releasing His Potential Children

Russell, director of Invisible Children, detained for public masturbation, vandalism, and being under the influence.


What an odd story. It looks like the director of the critically acclaimed documentary Invisible Children has been arrested in San Diego for public masturbation; or as it is colloquially known, the Pee-Wee prosecution. Jason Russell, 33, has been detained by authorities for allegedly vandalizing vehicles, “possibly under the influence”, and masturbating in public. As fun as all those things are one would think that Russell could have at least scheduled the last activity in a more remote area.

Russell’s film, Invisible Children, had helped bring awareness to a large audience in the civilized world of the unimaginable plight facing children in the Sudan. He, along with two other friends, had originally arrived in Africa as a sort of extemporaneous Wanderlust. It was only by accident did they discover “the night commuters”; children who journeyed every night away from dangerous areas controlled by rebels. Their night commute would bring them to various safe houses, some of which were quite a long distance from their home towns. And it was in these safe houses where the children would study for school throughout the night only to wake up early the next morning and make the journey back home. Leaving the area was necessary because guerrilla leaders like Joseph Kony would come to the villages during the night and kidnap these children and force them to serve in his army.

The stories of children whom had been taken by Kony and other warlords were beyond belief. Children would be forced not only to kill their own family members but in some instances were forced to cannibalize their victims or be killed themselves. So horrific were these stories that myself, my readership, liberals whom I have almost nothing in common with, were shocked beyond belief when the Obama Administration had given the green light for the use of child soldiers in the Sudan. To this date it is the most popular post on this blog. Entitled “Obama Waives Prohibition on Child Soldiers in Sudan” it has drawn persons of completely opposite ideologies together, as one would expect it should, and left us absolutely speechless. I encourage you to read the post and leave a comment and pass it along to a friend. This is a terrible but true scenario that rises above ideology and political alliances.

And, as always, if you plan on vandalizing cars and being under the influence, try to set a different public location for your masturbation.

UPDATE: TMZ.COM has obtained surveillance footage of Russell totally naked in broad daylight. Click pic for video

Click for Video-Will take you to TMZ.COM


Russell's other Invisible Children

Al Qaeda’s New Missiles; Courtesy of Qaddafi. On AIr with Strictly Right Radio

You know the deal. I’ve been tracking stolen SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles) from Libya by Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) for 5 months. Strictly Right Radio was the only one to cover this topic as it happened. Now, for the first time, hear Ben Swenson and I talk about it on Strictly Right Radio. Clicking Image will open in new tab to Take That Media

The segment on Al Qaeda’s Libyan missiles starts around 18:00. But its Strictly Right, you should be listening to the whole show! And that’s exactly why I didnt edit it and cut it down 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Originally, a 90 minute podcast on this was supposed to be done on Pat Dollard’s Night Watch. Guess what? An hour before the show we got new intel. We then felt that we should push the show back so we could cover all of the new info we received. But once again we are scooping the mainstream media; months in advance. Stay tuned!!

PS: To Wikileaks-You suck. I’m one guy with a phone and a computer. You are a worldwide organization with hundreds of thousands of (stolen) intelligence docs in your possession. I can do more to make the world a more open and safer place by noon than you have done in your entire history. Your implosion is a shining example of why we don’t let asshats like you obtain intel.

PRELUDE: Muslim Brotherhood training in Egypt!

In January 2010 D. Stewart told me that any agitation in Egypt would be US government sponsored and would favor the Muslim Brotherhood over the Mubarak regime. He has now sent me an email assuring me that he has definitive proof of this claim. But forget that recent email, its time to look at a 2010 email that supports this claim (See below for 2010 email)

stand by for the LULZ

That email was from 1/10. Stewart, has confirmed to me that he now has the evidence to prove this claim that he privately made to me more than a year ago. While the details have not yet arisen I know better than to bet against Stewart. So stand by. Details will be available soon.