Declassified, Carter’s Controversial Nuclear Targeting Directive PD-59

No small peanuts

Presidential Directive 59 (herein later PD-59) was signed by Jimmy Carter and made effective in 1980. Within weeks details of Carter’s PD’s were leaked to the press and made the front page of newspapers across the country including the New York Times. Now the PD-59 has been fully declassified and the extensive documentation can be found on the National Security Archive blog at George Washington University here.

Excerpted from the report:

The National Security Archive obtained the virtually unexpurgated document in response to a mandatory declassification review request to the Jimmy Carter Library [See Document 12]. Highly classified for years, PD 59 was signed during a period of heightened Cold War tensions owing to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, greater instability in the Middle East, and earlier strains over China policy, human rights, the Horn of Africa, and Euromissiles.

With other recently declassified material related to PD-59, today’s publication helps settle the mystery of what Jimmy Carter actually signed, [1] as well as shedding light on the origins of PD-59 and some of its consequences. Among the disclosures are a variety of fascinating insights about the thinking of key U.S. officials about the state of nuclear planning and the possible progression of events should war break out

Bin Laden and The Haqqani: Who knew?

On the anniversary of 9/11 The National Security Archive also released The Haqqani History: Bin Ladin’s Advocate Inside the Taliban. An interesting read considering the Obama administration is currently attempting to negotiate with the Taliban and the State Department has labeled the Haqqani network a terror group. Prior to that designation by the State Dept we uploaded the report on Haqqani Network financing courtesy of the Counter-Terrorism Center at West Point to our “Document Dump” (see picture in sidebar for full archive as well as updates with newly leaked documents as well as unclassified reports)


Farting for Marines banned in Afghanistan; Reactions, Comments

No butt plugs will be issued to Marines but farting has been banned in Afghanistan because it offends the Afghan people. The strange new rule of engagement came across the blogosphere today courtesy of the Military Times. Everyone is commenting on their blogs and inserting their own fart jokes. Fine. But I take my toilet humor seriously. Farting, and the comedy the action produces, is universal. It is the foundation of toilet humor and is recognized everywhere in the world. But in a PC military everything fun will eventually be banned. Rather than offer my own commentary I think everything that can be said about this is present in the comments on the story. They are wonderfully refreshing and let the rest of us know that our Marines are not that close to becoming robots. Hoo-Rah!

The Reactions


I’m a retired Jarhead over here right now as a slimy civilian. I think I will make a point of busting ass every time I see an Afghan anywhere near me, just for my brother who “can’t”. Semper Fi!

Bruce Petty

How and the heck are you supposed to open a can of whoopass without lettting the gas out

A USMC Beirut Vet (Click for full list)

*Since farting is now considered offensive offers up at least 100 alternative terms in a master list (nouns and verbs). Some new ones to me: Almond Toast, After dinner mint, Chanel No. 2, Ring-Tailed Roarer, Warp Drive.


Afghans don’t fart? We need that technology!

At the time of this post there are 91 comments. I urge you to not only check out the story (first link above) but do something most of us dont do; Read the Comments and contribute!!

Bullshit Update!!

I told you fart humor was universal. Afghan fart soundtrack-looks like everyone is enjoying it.


Night Watch Ep. 3-Declassified CENTCOMM Report clears McChrystal

Tonight on Pat Dollard’s “Night Watch” we discuss the recently declassified CENTCOMM report regarding Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the charges and concerns risen during Rolling Stone’s “investigative” report The Runaway General. It turns out that after more than a year Gen. McChrystal and team were absolved of any wrong-doing. Rolling Stone was wrong? You dont say! We also debunk Rolling Stone’s “Kill Team” article and offer a follow up to the original debunking: “Anti-Government Forces the Real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan”

Click picture or here for direct link to Podcast

Night Watch Ep. 3 (Click to listen)

Rolling Stone Lied to get McChrystal Fried: Declassified CENTCOMM Investigation Report

Special thanks to private security contractor Timothy Krause, Science magazine, William G Webster LTG US Army for doing a spectacular job investigating this issue, and Yahoo News.

McChrystal & Team cleared of any wrong-doing. NO PSYOPS as Rolling Stone claimed. Declassified Report Below

In March of this year Rolling Stone published a piece of “investigative” journalism that dubbed a small group of US soldiers in Afghanistan the “Kill Team”. It was disgustingly dishonest and was written for the sole attempt to smear our troops writ large by emphasizing the questionable behavior of just 4 men. Their claims of this modern day “Wild Bunch” didn’t stand up to the statistics. In order to combat Rolling Stone’s “yellow journalism” I published a brief piece on Yahoo News that made short work of their claims. “Anti-Government forces the real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan” ran on March 31 of this year. It was so popular that it was the only commentary on Yahoo News to ever be resurrected from the Yahoo News archives (which gets a url “…” after a few days) And now it is relevant once again.

Now the official investigation has been declassified showing that not only did our soldiers conduct themselves professionally but it was revealed that Rolling Stone lied about certain individuals being involved in PSYOPS campaigns against people in Afghanistan. The full declassified report is available below. CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO REPORT

END NOTE: Exhibits and report Enclosures will follow. I will put them into a .zip file and make it available for download. Right now all of the related information is located in different places and can be tedious to find. I’ll do the work for you. Stay tuned


Afghanistan: US and Civilian Casualties Revisited

Hooo-RAH! Lay off our Soldiers Rolling Stone!

**Update: release of CENTCOMM reports on this issue exonerating our Military: COMING SOON**

I want to thank all the readers here and my followers on Twitter. Three weeks ago my article rebutting Rolling Stone calling American Soldiers the “Kill Team” in Afghanistan was revived. The original was posted on Yahoo News. After a few weeks of regular activity it was moved to the web address “…” Like all old news stories.

But now it has been resurrected and it is back in the current Yahoo News pages! This is due to your traffic, your retweeting, and your attention to the matter. It is the only news story in the past 5 years to be pulled back from the archives and put back into current rotation. Thank you! (I wont shorten the link. I am proud of your help and want to display the results)

The CENTCOMM reports have just been declassified thanks to the work of some good friends. And what do you know? It looks like our Military was professional once again and the leftist publication Rolling Stone was way off. Who’da Thunk It? Me. And you. Stay tuned for the release.