The Huma emails. Fingers crossed

UPDATE 3/23: Seems like Dick Morris just rolled out of bed and decided to hop on the bandwagon; urging his readers to look into Huma’s emails. Morris claims that Hillary can’t (or won’t) type.

[Original post date: 3/18/15]

While every person following the Clinton Email fiasco, demanding that all of Hillary’s emails be produced, I could actually care less. Primarily because Hillary’s emails are not what interest me nor are they the place where you will find anything legally questionable. And that is because Hillary gives orders face to face. And she gives her orders to #2, Huma Abedin.

During the press conference, where Hillary wore her traditional Mao-style suit – updated with current print of course – I was on about Huma’s emails. Those are the most important. And they are important only because the Clintons try not to leave paper trails. So, everyone down the chain of command has an explicit paper trail. That is by design. Plausible deniability. Just because its not believable doesn’t mean the practice is abandoned.


The AP had already moved with a lawsuit to request Hillary’s emails; that’s to get this pesky little problem out of the way early in order to clear the air for the ’16 run.

But at least John Cook is smart enough to sue for the Huma emails. Filing three days after the press conference (March 13) Cook (Gawker) included the request for the Huma emails from the server. Smart. Especially since they have not been able to get any sufficient response for years now; the timeline is detailed in the latest filing below

Cook/Gawker Filing Here

Now, how many “insiders” told me that Huma didnt have a address? If I was mad I’d publish those convos and embarrass a few people.

An Exhaustive Recess

Well, its been quite a while so let me address the most important topics here and now. Some time ago I fell off the radar. No longer contributed to Yahoo News or any other site that I had worked with at the time. The explanation is relatively lame. My trusty computer had been on the fritz for quite a while. And that’s it. It died. Rather than run out and buy another I decided I would build one from scratch. Since then I have been trying to perfect it. A recess, of sorts, from the minute by minute tweets, the persistent collecting of information related to certain investigations, etc. And while it was a recess from my regular grind it became a hobby that vociferously consumed all of my time.

There are a few new topics that I’ll be addressing here in the coming days. Some things are old stories with new information – new outcomes and possibly creating new opinions – while some are totally new, and mind-bending. Stay tuned and be patient. Im going it alone this time around.

After reading Andrew Sullivan’s piece about getting back to a normal life I really wanted to stay away too. But if he can go 15 years without a break, well…I can go another year or two and tie up some loose ends.


Spykids – NSA and your kids

It seems that the NSA is everywhere. Im sure any new detail regarding the NSA’s probing into your electronic communications would not comes as a surprise, especially since the Snowden fiasco. While many were outraged its not a stretch to imagine a government agency trying to grab any and all electronic information. What is not ever considered is the same agency injecting itself into our kid’s lives. This is a proactive attempt at getting children familiar with NSA and is done so that it is an entity that is either a force for good, or just an expected player in everyday life.

And they arent hiding it at all…

(You cant use Freezepage because its https…purposely. So the pages have been screen capped)

Screenshot (34)

What I find disturbing and scary is that this site sort of becomes your kids cyber-buddy. Check the wording on the tips that are given about kids protecting themselves online. Its not written with the same dry, bullet-pointed “Do’s & Don’ts”. Take the “Cyber Courteous section’s wording for example:

“It is too easy to hide behind a computer! A cyber smart person never says anything online that they wouldn’t say in person. Remember that what you write in an email can usually be retrieved and shared with others, so be responsible with emails, chats, and online communications. ”

Isnt that a weird way to promote “courtesy”? Actually, it seems to have nothing to do with “courtesy” but rather its a reminder to watch your ass solely because what you say can come back to bite you later. If this was really about courtesy it should say “It is too easy to hide behind a computer! So make sure that the same respect you give in person follows you online.” And then they could point out that its cowardly and hurtful, and also a form a bullying, when courtesy is not applied online”. But this is exactly what I mean about the NSA trying to be a friend of your child; the dry, paternal bullet-points are gone. Instead, they sound like a kid next to them in class…”Hey dude, watch out what you say to [insert name here] because they hold onto it forever. Better make a fake profile and send it from there.”

I wish this post was only about a cheesy NSA web page that was created to tick a bunch of boxes thought up in a quick round-table meeting with a handful of low-rank government employees with some sort of education related degree. This is just an introduction with more to follow. I hate to use a tortured, old, and familiar cliche but this is really just the tip of the iceberg. So stick around. The “Spy Kids” story is going to get a little interesting. And then its going to get creepy.


Start Treaty Increase in Nukes – Flashback to 2011

Today, a shocked Washington Times reported that Russia had increased their nukes under the START treaty and now has more nukes than the U.S. – But why do they appear shocked. We knew this was coming…

In the early days of this blog I had taken the time to address the new START treaty that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had put together in a desperate attempt to “Reset” relations with Russia. Before news agencies confirmed my allegations that the new START treaty allowed for an increase in Russia nukes I took to the blog to confidently relay the message myself. The details are available here from May 2011

“New START treaty allows for increase in Russian nuclear warheads”

I actually had to delay the post for nearly 48 hours because there was no verification for this claim. Luckily, I learned that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists would be releasing a hasty/emergency report on this situation. When they did, the report was cited to back up the claim.

Its interesting that certain publications are trying very hard to keep the PFC woManning story relevant and active. No one needed him, wikileaks, or any other leaks to draw this conclusion 3 years ago. So why is it mentioned in the Washington Times story. All of the data regarding Russian nukes (SECRET, Classified, U/FOUO, etc) was, and still is, easily accessible if you talk to the right people and read the right reports.

Another interesting tidbit is the “retaliatory” clause, which was cited in the original story, and is conveniently left out of every other story on the topic. This has far reaching implications that those in the intel and diplomacy circles have not ignored or forgot about. That clause nicely covers Iran and was done intentionally to stop any preemptive strike against Iran and their nuclear facilities by us or even Israel. It literally paved the way for Iran’s nuclear program by giving Russia 1) more nukes and 2) an agreement from us that says they can nuke us into dust if we arent nice to them and their allies (i.e. Iran)