Update: New Photos of Possible Las Vegas Shooter at Anti Trump Rally

New photos of the man believed to be Stephen Paddock at the Reno, NV August 23 Anti Trump Rally have emerged.

Shortly after the Las Vegas Massacre that left 58 people dead the internet went crazy looking for Stephen Paddock. His digital fingerprint was nearly non-existent so the effort turned to looking into real-world events. Within hours Pamella Geller had posted a picture of a man at the August 23 Anti Trump Rally in Reno Nevada that resembled Stephen Paddock. Very few photos, and only a single quick video existed, of the man in question at that time. Here is the tweet linking to the post:

Below are photos of the Reno event from  from August 23. The man in question was then only man wearing the pink NASA shirt and the pink hat. The first, in the street, is the reverse angle of the short video initially released. The other two show him at the event just behind the barricade. He came with the woman on the the right (his left) and both have similar signs (small font, long message, same dimensions). The man believed to be the Las Vegas shooter does not appear to be Stephen Paddock. His height and weight do not match. His neck is much thicker than that of Paddock. Furthermore, nose shape and size – along with the size and height of his cheekbones are also a dead miss. He appears younger than the 64 year old Paddock and attended the rally with a woman who is not Marilou Danely. Given Paddock’s anti-social behavior it would be extremely out of character for him to travel with another woman to a social gathering.

Below: Alleged Paddock in crosswalk, center frame background, center frame background in front of policeman. In the Crosswalk photo he is not far behind the woman he came with who is not Marilou Danely. (backs of their identical signs are on orange paperboard)



The last photo is the most convincing because we have this man smiling. It is here that we see that the shape of this man’s face and Paddock are not a match. Height, as seen below puts this gentleman in the range of 5’10” as the barriers he is standing in front of are 43″.

Lets take and compare Paddock with the man at the rally ( I wont use post-mortem)


And now the man in question…



Notice, this mans goatee is entirely white. Paddocks is interspersed with blond hair. The most telling is the corners of the goatee where Paddock’s is not gray, even in post-mortem. Next, Paddock has extremely light and thin eyebrows. The man in question here has dark eyebrows that are much thicker. The man at the Anti Trump Rally in Reno on August 23 is not the Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock. 100%. And I am withholding this man’s name until I have permission to use it for this purpose.

Additional media is available on this person. The problem was that this man was positioned perfectly to view the protest. That means the cameras were near him and pointing away. He was literally standing next to the cameras the entire time. The only other video that exists (to my knowledge) is a brief 1 second panning of the camera shortly before a member of the Working Families Party took the microphone. Additional still pictures exist and those will be forthcoming. Links to the highest resolution galleries of these protest are posted at the end of this entry. Credit: Camara la con Banda

Originally, folks scouring the internet had thought it was possibly Scott Richardson – if not Paddock – who is active in Reno and appears at most of these events. It is not. While Richardson is closer in age to Paddock and the man in question, the man in the pink shirt is not Scott Richardson. Below is a high resolution of Richardson at a Reno event a short time after the Anti Trump Rally of Aug 23:


Credit: Camara la con Banda

For galleries of all Reno protests as captured by Camara la con Banda please visit his galleries HERE



My “disingenuous” email to Trevor S Valle

Below is the email in its entirety with headers – for verification that the content is unchanged. What started out as a simple question for clarification on a statement turned into a two-day tirade that ended with threats to use his concealed carry permit against me for the crime of being in LA (A city I have been to often and will be in this week). I will also be including the entire thread of his irrational responses, up to, and including calling me – a descendant of Russian Jews escaping annihilation of two regimes, and after I told him this – a “Nazi”. In over ten years of asking for clarification on statements from people, I have never had someone as thick-headed, violent, and mean, as Trevor Valle. Read below and please tell me what sounds disingenuous. Remember, this is a twitter verified semi-public figure. Wait until you see the twitter feed. More to come. Enjoy. (PS I’m breaking the Amazon link so it doesn’t appear like an ad). All of this because he couldn’t clarify a ridiculous statement he made publicly.



What? “I didn’t read your email” it but he knows its “disingenuous”. He’s made his contact info public everywhere. He’s a public figure. A public figure who says he’ll use us CCW if anyone asks him about his statements in person. He’s made his email public on even Breaking Bio podcasts. He also doesnt understand the term “dox” and does what SJW’s always do; redefine words to use them for their advantage.

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with HTTP; Tue, 19 Sep 2017 22:27:52 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 01:27:52 -0400
Delivered-To: douglasmatthewstewart@gmail.com
Message-ID: <CAFAu7R5HJng=v4Zsx9YMtjMkeJFjJz3xZu1MCSfv1biLk_sfrA@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: Still need clarification on your statement
From: Douglas Stewart <douglasmatthewstewart@gmail.com>
To: tattoosandbones@gmail.com
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”94eb2c0e3d02bf75f80559983c48″

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″

Hi Trevor,

Twitter is a horrible place to try and convey context. And I know you get
incessantly trolled. However, I think the one time I sent you something you
were very good about replying to it. A few months back radio host Jimmy
Church had been filling in for Coast to Coast (Believe me, when Im up my
eyes almost roll out of my head listening to that). During the broadcast he
said that transitional fossils dont exist. I called him out and said it was
“patently false” and CC’ed you. And you responded to him to challenge that
claim. Other than one other pro-Trevor comment I don’t believe I have ever
said anything to you on twitter. I may be wrong. If I did it was never
anything negative or challenging. I think I first discovered you via Rogan,
and Im pretty sure I even caught the podcast with Take That Darwin
(Breaking Biology?) podcast but dont hold me to that last one. It may have
been before or after. However, following you has been a treat sometimes and
at others I’ve sort of pitied the relentless trolling. My opinion is that
the verified check can be a curse for some people. Real trolls use that as
a license to be total pricks. I think we forget that there are real people
behind a lot of these avatars.

It was also the subject of an upcoming story. A friend of mine was over
discussing edits (I try not to have bylines anymore) and wanted to pitch a
story to her editors (probably a Sunday edition) Since shes still new to
this publisher shes trying to cut her teeth and avoid just getting paid
kill fees. When I told her that the verified can attract relentless swarm
of trolls her opinion was that [sic] “Famous people aren’t really being
harassed because the ones that matter dont even look at replies or have
someone manage their accounts”. And thats when we started talking about a
few figures that get trolled relentlessly. Your name came up (from me). And
when I opened twitter, sure enough I saw the tweet that I first replied to.

She had thought it was a weird statement and neither of us understood
exactly what was being said. So I said “I’ll find out, he’ll reply. He’s
good about that” and fired it off. In hindsight I probably should’ve sent a
blank open tweet asking you about the whole thing rather than jump into the
middle of a contentious thread. I’ll spare you not type the hindsight

I’m still looking for clarification regarding your statement. It appeared
to a blanket condemnation of a certain people which isn’t always bad (for
example “ISIS sucks” is fine). And I guess what confused me the most was
the wording of “campaign”.

So as I saw that I first wanted to clarify if you were referring to the
presidential campaign that has just ended or if you were referring to the
administrations actions writ large. This was the clarification I was

Your original response was curious. You stated that by not taking action to
stop the current administration it was suffice to call a person complicit.
I found this to be weird on a few levels. Mostly because it makes a blanket
condemnation to people for not doing something. This means that any
write-in is included in that. Anyone who left the top of ticket blank is
included. But even more troubling is that if anyone even supported the DNC
candidate they are also supporting a campaign of blatant racism. So the
only clarification you gave me didn’t clarify anything at all. Rather it
gives carte blanche to anyone that wants to just point and shriek and call
someone a racist if they choose. Ist a strange position to take or even
suggest to advocate coming from someone who is so clearly above that.

It was a relief when I saw your frustration regarding the election on the
last Rogan appearance. When you said you were voting Cthulu. One second
before that I said “Oh no, its going to get political” and thank goodness
it didnt. On a side note, Library of America has a great volume with a
bunch of Lovecraft’s stories. The nice thing about these volumes is they
contain a full timeline of the author’s life and other notes. If you ever
get a chance check it out, I think you would like it. The literary and
academic talent they utilize to bring these volumes together are second to


In closing, I guess I’d like to say that I was not, in any way, trolling
you. I have been on twitter a long time and I’ve never had any problems. I
have never been called a Nazi; odd that you called me a “Pro-Trump” “Nazi”
even after I told you that I left the top of the ticket blank. The greater
irony is that half of my family fled purges (as Russian Jews) twice. One
time was from Russia post revolution, the second was in Eastern Europe
shortly there after. In Russia, one was tossed into the prison system. His
crime unknown. After 6 months of requests the response was that he was
“Deprived of the right to communicate”. Which was code language for being
executed. Later, in Eastern Europe a few must’ve been caught up in the
sweeps of the ghettos. We don’t know. And its what has lead me to be
fervently Anti-Nazi, Communist, racists my entire life. Its also been the
foundation for my love of history, especially revolutionary and
post-revolutionary Russia.

But I’m also not someone who takes insults too personally. Especially when
they are the product of misunderstanding. When I was still working with the
joint division ABC/Yahoo! News many times I would ask someone something on
twitter and get a wicked backlash. Why? Well, its the environment. Its the
structure. It is the playground of the petty. And everyone is just an
avatar, right? Maybe. I don’t think so. You’re a real person. I am a real
person. And my intention was strictly to clarify a statement that *still*
doesnt make sense. I would love to get an explanation and I would also like
to protest in your defense that you are not the irrational one here. I
would like to be able to convince the writer I put onto this that it really
was a misunderstanding. Feel free to contact me to clarify. Email or phone.
My cell number is below. Im in the air tomorrow morning but I’ll be free
from 11am EST from there on out.

Thanks in advance,

Douglas Stewart
+1 203 752 **** (cell)





This isnt the only time he mentioned using his CCW on me. Matter of fact, this is response number 2 in the thread. Every response is frozen. And will be here soon. PS – I have never in my life removed anything because of threats. Ever. And I never will. If anyone has a problem with it file suit.


After telling him twice that I left the top of the ticket blank and told him I was Jewish, this is one of his handful of Nazi tweets. What should be noted here is that a Jewish “Nazi sympathizer” is also used interchangeably with “Nazi Collaborator”; this is the nearest equivalent to calling a black person an “Uncle Tom”. I like that he and his friend Contra Points (barely distinguishable when she isnt in her make up) decided to get together for a nice middle-finger picture. I hope they did that for me.



There’s such a grand irony in  all of this and why I even happened to see his stupid twitter exchange. Its really the best part And I’ll publish it with the rest of his stupidity to me shortly. Very simple. Trevor made an awkward statement. When asked to clarify he tried to be Kierkgaard and fumbled. To cover up the logical fallacy he went on the attack. And never relented. When I publish his entire maniacal tirade I’ll still give him the chance to respond, as promised. But he’s an angry SJW and needs to hide behind the safe space of twitter. He is even scared of emails. He lies, deflects, projects, threatens, obfuscates. Everything SJW junior post-modern intellectual midgets do. They cant help it. SJWs would rather burn everything down than admit fault in anything they have said or done. They are too afraid of how the tribe will perceive them. Let it be his downfall. My offer still stands to honor his rebuttal. After he clarifies his bullshit childlike logic.





The Unfortunate side-effect of anecdotal racism

“I better not, I usually don’t try grass” – Kingsley Zissou


David Fagin, a contributor to the Huffington Post, has a revealing new opinion post on military service being responsible for racism. Fagan has been able to deduce that since his uncle holds prejudiced beliefs, and also served in the NYPD, the two are not just linked by happenstance. Matter of fact, its correlation and causation. For the author (term used loosely here), no citation to any study is needed to confirm that going to a job with marginally acceptable benefits is the foundation of racialist views. I must beg your pardon here, they lead to racialist viewpoints of the individual. Fagin uses the anecdote of his uncle’s personality, his time in the NYPD, and the handful of veterans providing security to AltLeft National Socialists (aka Nazis), to draw the conclusion: Serving in the armed services leads to becoming a white supremacist.

Let us first take Fagin’s statement as true for argument sake and accept his premise as it stands. The first very fatal flaw of this logic appears instantly. And since he has the luxury of using only anecdotes to form his opinion, I do not. According to Pew Research:

Racial and ethnic minority groups made up 40% of Defense Department active-duty military in 2015, up from 25% in 1990

Fagin of course is really only trying to pin military service writ large on the growth of the “White Nationalists”. These are the politically homeless AltLeft – the ones dishonestly categorized as “right wing” or “far right” in our media. And this mindless drivel from Fagin is just one, of many, of the h20 molecules needed to help turn that massive hydro-turbine of torment that has become our gilded class of keyboard cucks.

Does the author realize that a disproportionate amount of black men join the armed services? If so, is the author brave enough to make that claim to non-white Americans, that the job they chose has turned them into racialist pigs? I bet he is not willing to do that. I will go a step further and say this is when the HuffPo editorial board would finally reject publication without citation; as they should have been done with this post. Yet we know the AltLeft (especially Antifa and OWS types) have claimed for a long time that the United States intentionally targets poor, under-served communities of color in all their dastardly schemes. And look, they must be successful. Statistics dont lie. The numbers of non-white entrants are sky-rocketing. We haven’t seen this type of bulge in government since Weinergate (thats right, still small but 40% bigger).

It’s actually very hard to determine Fagan’s thought process on this whole thing. Even harder is trying to determine the editorial staff’s professional behavior. Personally, I would’ve sent this back to him for additional citation and a total rewrite. Even after all that I think I would’ve just paid him a kill-fee and thrown it away. (Does the HuffPo actually pay anyone yet?). After all, that is what any editor worth their salt would do.

So, the gist of Fagin’s article is this:

  1. People who serve are prone to PTSD
  2. Upon returning home a very small percentage act as security for White Nationalist AltLeft groups
  3. Serving in the military leads to PTSD and/or racism because Fagan’s uncle is prejudiced

Fucking rock solid logic right there. And it is quite literally just that. And I ask you to please read his post and take necessary precautions (ie wear a helmet). Since this is only a blog post I wont tear on for too long and make a case study over this. But in the spirit of Fagin’s logic Ive deduced something troubling about my own life. Ive listed it below and it is air-tight according to HuffPo and Fagin style train of thought:

  1. My uncle has been to AOL.com many times
  2. His son is familiar with the The Muppets
  3. He is a crack-cocaine addict
  4. Davis Fagan is responsible for the plight of all addicted to crack-cocaine (an unfortunate side effect of David Fagin’s influence on society)

Read his article with caution.


PS: Update on live show coming soon. Seems like I can never really escape

PPS: Maybe we should come up with a derogatory name on this style of logic and name it in honor of Fagin. I am waiting for someone to say “But hes spoken at Harvard”. Yeah, so has Richard Trumka. Call me when he turns down an invite. I’ve edited Harvard grads. They aren’t impressive any more.



September Clinton Emails [Preview] -David Rothkopf willingly pimps himself gratis to Hillary

I said that I wouldnt do it; diving into this cesspool of round-robin blowjobs. But I couldnt resist. I am going to do another full list of the emails. But for now, here’s a basic guide on how to pimp yourself to the Clintons. This is from Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf. Now, since the emails are out of order, and certain conversation pieces are duplicated, its easy to blow right past emails that are obviously connected. But if you read these in the order below, you’ll see exactly how a propaganda piece transpires:

First: The David Rothkopf piece. An unsuspecting reader might think he came up with these ideas. But notice the date of the email…

Click to access C05782986.pdf

Because three days earlier the exact same points are outlined by State…

Click to access C05782900.pdf

Gag me with a spoon, below we can see the praise for Rothkopf’s piece as the “best piece” coming out of the press

Click to access C05782984.pdf

Stay tuned, better stuff to come. Parts redacted by State are so easily deciphered its laughable