So you got a tweet from me and you’re wondering who the hell I am or what I am talking about. Well, if you have found your way to this page it is because you have the opportunity to partake in a simple contest and win cash prizes. The reason why you have been directed here is that you follow Twitter user @AmeriPundit.

Unfortunately the followers of this account have been duped. His true racist and misogynistic beliefs have not only been exposed but he has been caught trying to cover them up and lying about it. You can find the back story here.


In order to participate in this raffle you must do two simple things:

1) Unfollow @AmeriPundit

2) Send a tweet “Unfollowed @AmeriPundit for #TeamRachael @dmatthewstewart”

3) THATS IT! —You’re done

4) Can I still be entered into the raffle even if I never followed @AmeriPundit? YES!! Details below in the last section.


Every Friday I will be drawing a Twitter user name to receive a $25 American Express gift card. In addition to this gift card I will also be matching the amount with a donation to the Wounded Warriors Project.

To date this contest is scheduled to last a minimum of 20 weeks. However, I would like to see it go past election day 2012 and intend to keep it running until his followers are in the single digits; leaving him only shell accounts and bots.

Claiming your prize

I have chosen the American Express gift cards because they can be used the same as cash. However, that involves mailing the card. And if you would rather be paid online and not give anyone your physical address no problem; here are some alternatives for raffle winners.

1) Amazon gift cards can be purchased (on my end) and I can email you the gift card number

2) PayPal – If you do not want a gift card of any kind then PayPal can be used as well.

Winners will be notified immediately after the drawing and you have 30 days to claim your prize. Notifications will be sent to you via Twitter but you can also verify that I have received your entry by emailing me the tweet you sent out at

And thats it! Its so simple it hurts. Also, I have mentioned earlier your $25 prize will be matched by myself by a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project. So with a click and simple tweet you can earn $$ and support our wonderful soldiers who willingly signed on the dotted line to protect our sacred ideals and way of life.

SIDE NOTE TO CHEATERS: I have already taken a list of follows of his from before my post. Following and then Unfollowing does not count and I will know if you have attempted that.


The vast majority of feedback has been in favor of this contest. Out of over 400 communiques received only two have told me no to do this contest. So why am I doing it?

The rise of the Tea Party has been the only scenario that has not only been the most moral political movement of our time but the first that has ever been able to relay my passion for individual liberty. Since it rise, the main stream media has done its best, grasping at straws to try and prove that the movement was racially motivated. When a white supremacist attended a Tea party Rally he was surrounded, denounced, and told to leave. And while the Tea Party members did everything right the left still edited the video to make it seem that he was accepted. Well, if we didnt confront this, and put it on the record, imagine how much play we will give the progressive/liberals/socialists/et al.

With the election rapidly approaching any little detail that can help the liberal media advance their lie of the Tea Party accepting racists will only get worse. I will not allow this to be one of those examples; and I need your help


So you never followed @AmeriPundit but you want a chance at a prize. No Problem! If you help spread the word you will also be entered into the contest. If you tweet this page (Contest Rules) or the original post just make sure to include a CC @dmatthewstewart and you’re automatically entered!!