September Clinton Emails [Preview] -David Rothkopf willingly pimps himself gratis to Hillary

I said that I wouldnt do it; diving into this cesspool of round-robin blowjobs. But I couldnt resist. I am going to do another full list of the emails. But for now, here’s a basic guide on how to pimp yourself to the Clintons. This is from Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf. Now, since the emails are out of order, and certain conversation pieces are duplicated, its easy to blow right past emails that are obviously connected. But if you read these in the order below, you’ll see exactly how a propaganda piece transpires:

First: The David Rothkopf piece. An unsuspecting reader might think he came up with these ideas. But notice the date of the email…

Click to access C05782986.pdf

Because three days earlier the exact same points are outlined by State…

Click to access C05782900.pdf

Gag me with a spoon, below we can see the praise for Rothkopf’s piece as the “best piece” coming out of the press

Click to access C05782984.pdf

Stay tuned, better stuff to come. Parts redacted by State are so easily deciphered its laughable