The Huma emails. Fingers crossed

UPDATE 3/23: Seems like Dick Morris just rolled out of bed and decided to hop on the bandwagon; urging his readers to look into Huma’s emails. Morris claims that Hillary can’t (or won’t) type.

[Original post date: 3/18/15]

While every person following the Clinton Email fiasco, demanding that all of Hillary’s emails be produced, I could actually care less. Primarily because Hillary’s emails are not what interest me nor are they the place where you will find anything legally questionable. And that is because Hillary gives orders face to face. And she gives her orders to #2, Huma Abedin.

During the press conference, where Hillary wore her traditional Mao-style suit – updated with current print of course – I was on about Huma’s emails. Those are the most important. And they are important only because the Clintons try not to leave paper trails. So, everyone down the chain of command has an explicit paper trail. That is by design. Plausible deniability. Just because its not believable doesn’t mean the practice is abandoned.


The AP had already moved with a lawsuit to request Hillary’s emails; that’s to get this pesky little problem out of the way early in order to clear the air for the ’16 run.

But at least John Cook is smart enough to sue for the Huma emails. Filing three days after the press conference (March 13) Cook (Gawker) included the request for the Huma emails from the server. Smart. Especially since they have not been able to get any sufficient response for years now; the timeline is detailed in the latest filing below

Cook/Gawker Filing Here

Now, how many “insiders” told me that Huma didnt have a address? If I was mad I’d publish those convos and embarrass a few people.