An Exhaustive Recess

Well, its been quite a while so let me address the most important topics here and now. Some time ago I fell off the radar. No longer contributed to Yahoo News or any other site that I had worked with at the time. The explanation is relatively lame. My trusty computer had been on the fritz for quite a while. And that’s it. It died. Rather than run out and buy another I decided I would build one from scratch. Since then I have been trying to perfect it. A recess, of sorts, from the minute by minute tweets, the persistent collecting of information related to certain investigations, etc. And while it was a recess from my regular grind it became a hobby that vociferously consumed all of my time.

There are a few new topics that I’ll be addressing here in the coming days. Some things are old stories with new information – new outcomes and possibly creating new opinions – while some are totally new, and mind-bending. Stay tuned and be patient. Im going it alone this time around.

After reading Andrew Sullivan’s piece about getting back to a normal life I really wanted to stay away too. But if he can go 15 years without a break, well…I can go another year or two and tie up some loose ends.