Attack on Nairobi: Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Well, we can’t seem to go a few hours without the savages taking a few people with them on their mission of martyrdom. If you haven’t heard, shopping malls are considered so offensive to the 7th century-minded losers in Kenya that they decided they must attack the building. Unfortunately, there were people in the building, so naturally, when a 7th century mentality is applied, those folks must be killed as well.

Cryptome has a series of photos taken on the scene during the Nairobi attack. Yet every time I see images like this from any corner of the globe, I think “How much longer will the world tolerate this?” After all, the world only let the Nazi’s go on a worldwide killing spree for just a short time.

UPDATE: DRUEZ.INFO is claiming that 5 of the Jihadist are from the United States. (via