O’Donnell Devours Weiner

Isn’t it beautiful when the left turn on their own? When I see things like this I always wonder why the right is afraid to stand up to the left. While they consistently attack the right, they are never more vicious than this. So Republicans should’ve learned to brave the liberal media storm by now.

And the reason the attacks are so vicious is because someone like Weiner, hurts the liberal brand. Their good name is in jeopardy, which gives them the inspiration to really dig their talons in tight. Republicans are seen like the hyena that walks to closely to the lion cubs; the mother will snap and chase them off. But, when the make lion comes near the cubs, their lives are certainly in danger…and the mother will fight to the death. O’Donnell is protecting his precious cub.

Here it is…14 minutes of unparalleled glory released within 24 hours of the polls opening in the NYC Mayoral race.