Court Rules Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional; Landmark Legal Victory

Nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin has landed himself and his organization, Landmark Legal Foundation, a huge success today. As the Washington Times reports “The judges ruled that the appointments Mr. Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board are illegal, and the board no longer has a quorum to operate.”

Landmark’s complaint against President Obama was pretty straightforward; he stepped outside of his power when making what he thought were legitimate “recess” appointments. The court siding with Landmark Legal is a blow to the White House on two different fronts…

Not only are these appointments now null and void but they also have to deal with the embarrassment of President Obama’s actions. Since the media has touted his expertise on the Constitution since at least 2007 the voting public now must wonder if the President is either not the expert they claim he is, or if he knowingly acted this way hoping to get away with the appointments. Incompetent or dishonest? Take your pick liberal media!

Download Landmark Legal’s Amicus Brief HERE or…

Read it online HERE

Whos gonns stop me? Mark who?

Who’s gonna stop me? Mark who? Don’t y’all know I’m a king?


We don’t heed to no stinkin’ court!