Revealed: China Y2 Spy Plane Caught on Camera


Wired Magazine has obtained the photos of China’s new secret pay plane, the Y20. The images were captured from the GeoEye 1 on January 1 and gives us a more detailed look into the design of the plane; the design reveals similarities with US planes. As reports:

The new imagery is sharper, more detailed and shot from a higher angle than the grainy first photos of the Y-20 that appeared on Chinese internet forums in late December, providing a much more reliable basis for assessing the transport’s layout. Apparently slightly smaller than the U.S. Air Force’s workhorse C-17, the Y-20 sports the same wide swept wing and T-shaped tail as the Boeing-made C-17, blueprints of which China obtained several years ago through a spy working for the Chicago-based plane manufacturer.

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