Hate Crimes: Entirely Subjective and Arguably Parochial and Oppressive

In sticking with the new format I thought I should post this video. The narrator does a great job in showing just how oppressive, subjective, and racially parochial “hate” and “race” crimes truly are. He accomplishes this by showing countless examples of what would be [reverse] race crimes that were never tried as such. Why? Quite simply; the victims were Caucasian. We all know that race crimes can not be committed against crackers. After working in war torn regions of Africa I can honestly say that I would be in support of rating every Black on Black crime in the world (not just the US and Western countries) as “hate” or “race” crimes. Justified since all the offences diminish the race. Fair enough? Let us get ridiculous with this bullshit political correctness in order to invalidate it. Trust me, this video is worth your time even if you ignored the above rant. Cheers.