Taliban Email List; Accidentally Revealed

Well, we all have experience with this type of faux pas. At one time or another everyone has accidentally hit “reply all” and sent something we didnt mean to send. And now the Taliban belongs to this club of common mistakes made in the modern world. Unfortunately when they did so they revealed their entire mailing list. Michael Yon got a hold of it and published the list

I have had a few people, including myself, have trouble getting to the site. Anti-Spyware  programs and firewalls try to block it, as does Firefox. It is not because Michael’s site is bad or dangerous but in order to make it more easily accessible I have copied the list to a few places that you can find below.

Taliban Email Addresses (backups)


Google Docs


So folks, I think we should all work to render these emails useless. Get creative 🙂 I will be spending the rest of the day exposing the recipients to “western values” and the type of leisure I enjoy and would love to see arrive in my inbox. As well as some things I would never want to see in my inbox. But because I do not know any of them personally I have no idea what their tastes may be; therefore I must include everything.

I encourage everyone to take the same considerations when helping these great folks expand their horizons. Remember, the Taliban wants to know where all the hot single transexuals looking for love are. Trust me.

For all you sexually repressed jihadis…we know what you really want!