Barrett Brown Federal Prison ID, Inmate Number 45047-177

When Barrett Brown was arrested his information had been uploaded upon his processing with the North Texas District Attorney’s Office in Dallas. However, it was immediately removed and searching for his name fostered no results creating speculation that he had been released either on a PTA (promise to appear) or had made bond.

Today, the Federal Bureau of Prisons ( has a listing for Barrett Brown. Inmate number 45047-177, listed as “In Transit”. Why hasn’t Leiderman and Devine posted bail for him yet? I thought they were the staunch defenders and protectors of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. Pro-bono legal help is always noble but not extending the help to include bail for their clients is very telling. However, I will reserve my judgement on the law firm’s practices and decisions until more is clear. But if they refuse to make bail for their clients then it shows exactly how married they are to movement of revolutionary children of demanding entitlements through tantrums.

Barrett Brown: Inmate Number 45047-177

(source: Federal Bureau of Prisons –