Why was Lane Lipton aka Qritiq Terminated?

Lane Lipton aka Qritiq (Twitter) has been on my radar for a while; I think it was the whole being in touch in real time with Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rahauser during Mike Stack’s court appearance that perked my ears and got me interested.

And then there was the rushing to Ron Brynaert’s defense when Ron has never had a problem bombarding me with tweets in the past. I responded by tweeting her IP address and later copying @twitter. She claimed it was a TOS violation. I was never banned because everyone knows that the internet is serious fucking business and everyone on it is super concerned with Lane Lipton’s feelings.

But more on all of that later.

The real question is…

Why was Lane Lipton terminated earlier this year as the “Supervisor of Adult Education”?

*Glen Cove meeting minutes uploaded to Doc Stoc HERE

*Google Cache HERE

*Original (Opens in new tab) HERE

Its extremely hard to even get demoted let alone terminated in the field of education. And just for good measure, here is an original program from the Glen Cove District showing her over Adult Ed. Cache, and Original

Until next time

Peace out.

PS: In real life most carnival prizes are larger than Brett Kimberlin. Seriously.