LulzSec Indictment: Anonymous Co-Conspirator Not named as Defendant

The indictment against Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis, Darren Martyn, Jeremy Hammond, and Donncha O’Cearrbhail is now available to view online. HERE. (Courtesy of These are the members of LulzSec, AntiSec, Internet Feds, etc that have currently had charges brought against them. Nothing in the whole document surprised me except for a few lines starting at the bottom of page 23.

Wait, what? A “Co-Conspirator not named as a defendant”? So either that co-conspirator has flipped and is cooperating with authorities or their role in all of this was so minimal that they have escaped attempted prosecution. But if their role was minimal why would Sabu trust that person? I will go with the former for now. But anyway…

That’s interesting.

Because when I made my post entitled “Barret Brown Part 1: Trust in Infraguard; Living in Denial” it was in regards to a phone call I had with Brown. His main concern was that someone on Reddit was uploading links to a blog that posted his private chats all while calling him an FBI snitch. He thought the person was me and therefore agreed to hop on the phone with me. But he had ignored my multiple requests for him to respond to his threat to me to “turn my life upside-down” months earlier. That threat is in the above link (Barrett Brown Part 1).

I have also gone over the blog he was concerned about  ( & I don’t see anywhere on there were the person called him a snitch either. (Other than theorising) But I only gave it a quick look. Btw, since his hacked chats are on there it is worth a listen. There is something about a little turd who likes to see everyone hacked actually getting hacked himself that is quite enjoyable.

Two Points – 1) It was not me, 2) I do not see the user “DrWarbucks” calling anyone an FBI snitch. So I am not sure where Brown got that from; someone calling him a “snitch”. But I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that that actually was said originally and has now been deleted by Reddit. But again, I do not know. And for teh lulz, Dr Warbucks is Ben Grier. Check the contact page

But Brown claims someone was calling him an FBI snitch and he has no reason to lie. He also had no reason to call until this happened so I can only believe that he is only motivated by things that could seriously affect him. After all, he may be a tool but he’s not a dummy; self-preservation comes first.

Part 2 of my Barrett Brown post was going to go over other details of his call to me along with his concern about being considered an FBI informant. I’ll get to that. But until then go check that “Aint Rocket Surgery” blog and listen to the third video/audio. Brown talks about heading to Kansas. Oddly enough the FBI tipster that helped bag Kahuna made the tip from Kansas.

See, if you’re working out a deal between your lawyer and the US Attorneys office, and you have something to protect (lets just say its book sales revenue), they need to be able to prove you’re cooperating. So no proxies!! Make the tip just like any other Joe on the internet so your attorney can go back to the US Attorney’s office and say “My client just made the tips from this IP address”.

That way you can be anonymously named in an indictment as a “co-conspirator” and not named as a defendant.

Got it?

Below: screen cap of the ItsKahuna indictment via my good friend Liberty Chick (Thanks kiddo, the rest deleted their copies)

*You mean this Kansas IP was the tipster? Wonder if that is the same “co-conspirator” not named as a defendant

Again-In case you missed it. Barrett Brown talking about heading to Kansas (3rd vid) HERE

And I’m not done yet.

Hey Barrett, I told you last week that I didn’t forget about you; I meant it…



PS-How did the publisher/writer of “Aint Rocket Surgery” know a week before hand that Barrett Browns case was being handled out of the N. Texas US Attorneys office? No mention was ever made of this publicly. They proved this HERE. I am wondering if this is Brown himself doing this, then using the call to me for cover.

PPS-Special thanks to the OG Anons that contacted me. I will still publish everything you set me. I just need a little more time