Addressing US Internment and Resettlement: The Not-So-Secret Files

Look at these “leaked” docs. You must be so happy that I am here to save you from the NWO

Note: Alex Jones bullshits everyone once again. His sites post what they claim to be a “leaked” and/or “newly discovered” document that outlines rules for internment of U.S. Citizens. Lets take a look at how and why this is pure bullshit…

Twitter user @LetsRoll404 (aka: 404) tosses great stuff my way all the time and asks my thoughts on it. Usually they can be summed it within 140 characters. The response is either something like “Holy shit”, or “Its pure rubbish”. But the two stories he brought to my attention the other day need a little more time. And it should be noted that his concern was if the OWS actions and behaviours could trigger these directives to be executed. The simple answer is “No” and there is a reason for that, as you will read below. So we are going to go over them one at a t time. Today we will address the concern made by Alex Jones that there is a field manual for “Internment and Resettlement” (I/R) manual for dealing with US citizens. The original post for this story can be found here : Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America and the link that Lets Roll 404 sent me was reblogged here at It was also reblogged on Alex Jones’ “Prison Planet” Here

Not Classified, Not Leaked!

Lets deal with the obvious first problem; the document they site is not leaked. It was never classified and it was not even labeled “Sensitive For Official Use Only” (S/OFUO) Anyone familiar with wikileaks or official documents knows that anagram well. This document for I/R is available here: Its document number FM 3-39.40

While such a document has a title that perks up the ears of any conspiracy theorist worth their salt, a thorough reading and basic understanding of field manuals would quickly cause the hopes of a conspiracy to fizzle. Due to the title and the procedure, certain lines, paragraphs, and whole sections could be cherry-picked to make it seem like something it is not. Like, lets say, a secret Army manual on how to round up US citizens and deal with them in some sort of transfer into a police state.

It is common on the internet now to post a document and claim it was “leaked”. Hell, after wikileaks really gained momentum with the announcement they would publish over 250K state department cables, everyone had a “leak” site or was publishing “leaks”. It was hip. All the kids were doing it. Even the porn industry came up with a not-so-creative site of their own called Porn Wikileaks; only to later be trumped by The Real Porn Wikileaks. I live in the hood. We have a place called “The Barbershop” (just like the movie). Up the road we have “The Real Barbershop”

Problem 2: “Host Nations”

The preface of the field manual tells us exactly what this is supposed to be used for. If you are reading it and have the preconceived notion that these are directions for the Army to take over the citizenry and intern them then you’re in trouble. It clearly states in the preface

“As part of internment, these populations include U.S. military prisoners, and multiple categories of
detainees (civilian internees [CIs], retained personnel [RP], and enemy combatants), while resettlement
operations are focused on multiple categories of dislocated civilians (DCs).”

Where do we find all of the above? The answer is in a conflict area like Iraq or Afghanistan. “Dislocated civilians” are those whom were forced to leave their home and surrounding areas do to conflict on the ground. U.S. military prisoners can range from detained service men, for whatever concerns of battle conduct, to captured enemies. CI’s, RP’s, and “enemy combatants” are also usually held together until a decisions is made as to how to process and deal with them. An individual from any of the three categories can end up in Guantanamo Bay. Or they may be turned over to local authorities (if the legal system is in order to take them).

Even before leaving the preface page we are given the evidence that this is to be used in warfighting situations in “host nations” and does not include the domestic United States. From the same preface, next paragraph:

“Military police conduct I/R operations during offensive, defensive, stability, or civil support operations. I/R
operations include military police support to U.S. military prisoner and detainee operations within operational
environments (OEs), ranging from major combat operations to humanitarian-assistance missions in support of a
host nation (HN) or civil agency. I/R operations are a major subordinate Army tactical task under the
sustainment warfighting function. (See FM 7-15.) Placement under the sustainment warfighting function does
not mean that I/R operations do not have relevance in the other warfighting functions. While I/R is listed under
the sustainment warfighting function, it should be noted this is not a specified or implied mission of all
sustainment units or commands. Most sustainment units provide logistics, personnel services, and health service
support to I/R operations.

Host nation? Yep. That means that this directive in the Army field manual is for use when our forces are on the ground in another country; not the domestic United States. Furthermore the directive limits these tactics to “warfighting function[s]”. So the entire directive is for forces on the ground in a foreign country. We haven’t even left the preface of this part of the manual yet and we have already debunked Alex Jones’ claims that there is a US Army manual that was “leaked” to him. Now we know it was not “leaked”, it was never classified, and it has nothing to do with dealing with US citizens. Be careful of what you read folks and always do your research. Remember, Google is your friend, and this only takes a minute to disprove.

In order to discourage people from actually doing research, and just staying on the Alex Jones sites the first statement and link in his story reads in bold underlined text:

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I invite you to read the document for yourself. It is available on the above link or HERE for direct online viewing. Furthermore I would like an explanation from either Alex Jones, his writer(s), or at least one of his followers, that can show me where and how that document can pertain to US Citizens as he claimed. How about it Alex? Your team of “crack journalists” and followers against little old me. Im sure you or one of them can put me in my place 🙂

The next one I will address is the second link that Lets Roll 404 sent me. It should be noted that he was the one one who was originally skeptical about all of this; he had not signed off on the Alex Jones conspiracy. Rather the concern was that if this was true, could it be applied to OWS. And that is also why you should follow him. He takes the rational approach to things that seem utterly irrational but possibly applicable. Below is the next story we’ll be dissecting. The title should make you lol just a little. Fun times ahead.

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