I Look Like Barack Obama: A Clean, Articulate, site Biden would approve of.

I love when people can do impersonations of famous people. If they even look like them just a tad and have mastered their mannerisms then I am a sucker for that kind of entertainment. But then there are those people who can not do any impressions and DO NOT look like anyone famous. This is most of us. But when you try to convince others that you look like someone famous, all while not looking anything like them,  well…that can be hysterical!

Hop the link over to the “I Look Like Barack Obama” website and I believe you will agree that this guy redefines the “celebrity look-alike but not really at all in the least bit” genre. But he’s convinced. So much so that he gives a disclaimer immediately by saying “I am not Barack Obama, I just look like him.” Well played sir. You can never be too careful.

Holy shit! The Secret Service's job just got a lot harder


This is a serious blog and every once in a while we have to unzip our flies and lay our on the Ronald McDonald House donation box on the front counter at McDonalds. This Obama look-a-like site is just great. But dont leave before checking his “fan mail”

Also, I do understand his concern. After all some entertainers look exactly like anyone they try to impersonate. Do you remember Frank Caliendo? He is just like Joe Piscopo. But Caliendo really mastered the voices and mannerisms while Piscopo was able to get the aesthetics and the mannerisms. Its a competitive field and I will always support new talent as well as the older entertainers.

Frank Caliendo as himself