Why Iran is Dangerous to Africa

Our president seems to think that Iran (being tiny and all) is not a real threat to the U.S. Time will tell. But at this exact moment Iran is a major threat to the security of Africa. The entire continent has remained in a state of limbo and is easily influenced from all outside sources that choose to descend upon it no matter what the intentions are of the visitors.

Today, Dr. Ely Karmon, of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism and one of the world’s foremost authorities on terrorism throughout the Islamic world released a paper entitled “The Iran Hezbollah Strategic and Terrorist Threat to Africa”. The brevity and simplicity of addressing each concern is as commendable as it is accurate.

Karmon notes in the abstract that most people believe that Africa has since been abandoned by Ahmadinejad after he focused the majority of his efforts in Latin America in order to “counter-lasso” the United States. And anyone who follows foreign policy will know immediately that almost all coverage of Iran’s actions only come to print in the reference of Venezuela or their nuclear program. But Africa has not been forgotten by Iran and Karmon does well to remind us that it is still a priority of the regime. Followers of this blog know of my level of interest in Africa and how instable and ripe a large part of the continent is to be plucked by Islamic radicals. It is a great location to have your proxies operate and so far they have been wildly successful.

Take a few minutes and read Karmon’s latest paper here. I will have more to add to this in the coming days.