Another Liberal Tax Cheat That Supports Tax Increases

Pay yours while liberals refuse to

Leftists are hypocrites. They can’t help it. It is in their nature. While I was working on a very important project just now I came across another liberal that supports tax hikes but has been convicted of failing to pay their income taxes for six years in a row. Reviewing the list of donors for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( the names of the unemployed jumped out at me. Granted these are small donations I find it odd that someone who is unemployed would make a political donation. So just at random I Googled one of those names: Ann Loflin from North Carolina. And what do you know? Her and her husband were practicing attorneys that “willfully” refused to pay their  state income taxes for six years straight (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003).

The court documents can be viewed here

Here is what disturbs me. This couple had to be dragged in front of disciplinary board to finally get their “fair share” into the coffers of the state. How many children or elderly had to suffer because they weren’t paying their fair share? We can not escape the howling from liberals that demand tax hikes and expanding entitlements or the aforementioned groups will be forced to suffer. So how many elderly and/or poor people deaths or suffering are the Loflins responsible for? How many old ladies were wheeled off the cliff?

A quick tour through the PCCC website and one can see that many initiatives they either are supporting or would like to make law usually require a tax hike. The group supports the repeal of the Bush era tax cuts, preserving the Big Three entitlements without any logical reform, single payer health care, etc.

That was one name from one large liberal PAC taken at random. I wonder what we’ll find if everyone on the list was given a quick Googler.