F*%k It! Even Einstein Gave Up on the Middle East

According to the UK Independent Albert Einstein’s letters, notes, and possibly some sexy private photos are going to be released. The Independent is reporting that even the greatest mind of the 20th century was lost when it came to solving the problem of Jews and Arabs living peacefully in the Middle East.

Rewriting most of physics with your new theory? No problem. Getting the most backwards states and territories to live responsibly according to the present century peacefully? Tough stuff.

The article is poorly written but if you hang in there until the end you’ll get the general scope of the thing. And you’re probably also thinking “Hey WTF? Why didn’t they give the link to the archives in their article?” Well, that is what journalists do. You’re supposed to trust them and their sources. That worked out just lovely during the 2008 election. Anyways, Einstein archives are here

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Land of milk and honey...no solution