Anonymous Members Arrested-Sabu Turns. Where’s the Money?? Wikileaks Prosecution Next? OWS?

Well we have a lot of very specific points to address regarding the arrest of Anonymous members all thanks to one of the groups leaders, Sabu, turning on them. If you havent heard the story is here. TL;DR. Sabu got fingered eight months ago and got others vanned. But now the real work begins. And in order to even start we need to take a look back at some important details that were lost in the drama and vanity of the story at large. Oh how easy it is to woo a fool. The mindless followers of Sabu and the participants “ops” had mistaken broken wind from their hero’s backside as a whiff of romance in the air. (Sabu court documents here)

Where’s the Money? A new Indictment for Wikileaks?

From Topiary’s last chat before he got V&

Saturday July 16, 2011

   [01:32am] S0cket: where is sabu?
[01:33am] marduk: iuno he should be back later, he had something for me
[01:33am] S0cket: oooh
[01:33am] S0cket: new leak?
[01:33am] alex: sabu should appear soon
[01:33am] S0cket: Knice
[01:33am] S0cket: Where did rum go?
[01:33am] alex: idk
[01:33am] S0cket: he went after ryan?
[01:34am] S0cket: or joepie.
[01:34am] S0cket: he is gone
[01:34am] S0cket: i want my frikandellen
[01:34am] Topiary: Project Inception already began with that, alex, I already laundered like $65,000
[01:34am] Topiary: do you want more?
[01:34am] S0cket: What
[01:34am] S0cket: 65K?
[01:34am] marduk: joepie is busy with normal stuff
[01:34am] S0cket: Ah thats why
[01:34am] Topiary: S0cket, Project Inception, did I not tell you about that?
[01:34am] S0cket: No  tell me!
[01:34am] alex: $65k’s enough for now
[01:35am] S0cket: Are we going to buy ferraris and go to ryan?
[01:35am] alex: haha
[01:35am] S0cket: Yeah we need a l33tm33t
[01:35am] Topiary: where my BitCoin gobbler takes 0.1 from every transaction and shifts it off as transaction fee/lost in verification
[01:35am] S0cket: What
[01:35am] S0cket: EPIC
[01:35am] S0cket: Mtgox again?
[01:36am] Topiary: no, some internal infodox we got from someone’s email attachments
[01:36am] S0cket: Wow.
[01:36am] Topiary: we got a worm inside the client and it spreads instantly through the entire network
[01:36am] S0cket: Winning!
[01:36am] S0cket: what we doing with the cash?
[01:36am] S0cket: for wikileaks right?
[01:36am] S0cket: or does sabu get his ass-dildo?
[01:36am] Topiary: anyway, my BitCoin trader knows, you know the thing about Silk Road anyway I’m sure
[01:37am] S0cket: yeah sure
[01:37am] Topiary: so I cash out $1500 segments into PayPal
[01:37am] S0cket: and the rest into … pot?
[01:37am] Topiary: it’s spread around, yes

So here is Topiary admitting that at least some of the Bitcoins that they stole are being cashed out and being “spread around”. Notice he doesnt deny that some of the cash is going to Wikileaks. Continuing on with the conversation Topiary also acknowledges Sabu’s involvement in the Bitcoin scam (Operation Inception) and a few other side projects they have going on.

Wikileaks had had a strong defense against the US Department of Justice to begin originally. But if they have taken any of that money and all along Sabu was involved and working with Law Enforcement then Wikileaks basically pwned themselves by not vetting their funding sources. You dont need to pass the bar to understand that the Department would gladly pursue this. After all, they got Capone for tax evasion. Let the real Lulz begin. And guess what? There is a good chance that LulzSec itself was really only done to jam up Wikileaks legitimately. And that would be some lulz right there.

Unfortunately there is also the possibility that Occupy Wall Street as well as some labor unions might have also been the recipients of that stolen money. There is no secret of the support from labor unions large and small for the OWS movement; many even had formal press releases addressing this. So now we will see where that money went, how it was laundered, and who ended up with it. And this is just the beginning.

And the left cheered on Cass Sunstein and his idea that the government should infiltrate movements and protest groups. They cheered when it was in reference to the Tea Party. How come they arent cheering now?

Stay tuned.

PS-Even while they had their own ops going on, running around and proud to be “legion”, they are still bothered by and obsessed with th3j35t3r. Why? Read further on in that transcript and you’ll see they are still pushing for a j35t3r OP. Lets get some things straight right now. Between him and Ceaxx they had Sabu pegged-thats it, end of story. But I do find it funny that even when they had the whole world watching them and seemingly had their hands full, they still seek fail as if it were “last call” tail.