Cry me a river; Liberals forget Public Information is Public

Social media has done a few things in record-breaking time. First, it took a relatively small world and shrank it. Like minded individuals who would never have met 5 years ago now know each other well enough to either talk about their favorite trending topics; this could be politics, American Idol, or their favorite cuisine. For those who are activists it laid a more solid foundation for protests anywhere on the globe. This free and mostly public exchange also allowed for the monitoring and logging of those individuals activities. Law enforcement couldn’t ask for anything more. Ditto for those groups or corporations whom found themselves to be targets by politically motivated groups and/or individuals.

It was no secret that various leftist groups had targeted the mostly right-leaning Chamber of Commerce. In their own defense the Chamber had hired private contractors to combat the attack. When the left learned of this their response was How dare they defend themselves. This was the premise for concocting a wild conspiracy placing themselves in the role of the victim when they had in fact initiated the attack. When both plans failed they had nothing but their balls in their hand and them had to convince the watching world that they were not playing with themselves. Very few were convinced.

The basis of their tantrum that followed was that a private company had used social media to build profiles on those targeting the Chamber of Commerce. Again, how dare they use public info to counter the attack.

Cry me a river.

From Intel News: Spies increasingly using Facebook, Twitter to gather data with links to research white papers and all sorts of common sense stuff that leftist losers should’ve expected if they weren’t mindless robots

Herp de Derp

PS-Dont middle-aged guys usually buy Corvettes and cruise the bars at last call? Breaking News: Not all of them do. Some of them hang out in front of their computers, make hundreds of fake social media profiles, and use them to torment people all while pretending to be Infraguard, an insider with the FBI and other law enforcement, and dodge lawsuits by remaining homeless. (Some names and faces have been changed to protect the guilty). More to come on that…

I heart fake lawsuits I file against people who call me out for harassing them. Viva la logic!