Greece: Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei added to U.S. Terrorist List

Credit: Associated Press

It is not often that the current administration acts and I can applaud. Of course this wasnt a hard decision to make for the White House and the State Department.

Today the State Department added Greece’s “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” to its growing list of terrorist groups. [Press Release] With this designation this forbids U.S. citizens from contributing financially or providing any type of material support to the group. So if you live in the US and you helped them out then its time to disappear. Melt your hard drive, steal someone’s identity, and move to my old favorite place to hide; Oaxaca.

Some Background Info:

Violent Extremism Knowledge Base

Athens Court Bombing

Member Arrested after Random check: Hand Grenade, Pistol, and Pen Camera

I’m sure you get the point. But I encourage everyone to read up on these low-life bastards. Nothing will surprise you. Leftists being leftists. If they can not get their demands met they go right to violence. Same shit, different country.