The Morlock Revolt: The Darkside gets a coal powered desklamp

I don’t read blogs. Let me amend that, I dont read many blogs. The reason is that I have really important things to blog about and everyone else can go to hell. But what happens when you take the paid tour through Hell and you see a friend there pounding away at a keyboard? Answer: You ditch the tour and pull up a chair next to him. After all, you most likely will have the cubicle next to him in the near future.

This is precisely where you will find Matt Dawson, creator of the Morlock Revolt. No matter what the issue du jour may be he produces parody that the liberal left has condemned long before his spark of imagination could trigger any of his own flames. After all, in liberal hell, the fire has already been provided courtesy of the bureaucratic arsonists. But Dawson is not concerned with extinguishing the flames. No, he is often looking for anything around him that can exponentially increase the size of the inferno. For him, awareness can only be properly noted when the flame is out of control. It’s genius and slightly dangerous. But he wouldnt have it any other way. For sick right-wingers like myself I tend to beg for gasoline or even kindling; anything to bring good health to the flames. Burn baby burn, salvation lies within…the inferno.

What is odd and exclusively unique is that Dawson can see the world burning around him and rather than tell everyone to put out the fire he indirectly advocates making your own blaze. This technique and approach lies beyond the lines he produces as copy and is wholly representative of his rebuttal. Socialized approach to housing…a disaster that pundits scream about back and forth. Boring. Dawson creates a sing-a-long song instead. Wonderful!

In the case of an extreme emergency, like the Democrat’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Dawson handles that so easily with grace and humor that the reader is almost convinced he does it in his sleep. That feeling from the audience is not exclusive to the piece listed above but rather every entry by Dawson on The Morlock Revolt.

Duh. No one needs a guitar for the Zombie Apocalypse

Any Conservative or Libertarian should add The Morlock Revolt to their daily reading list. In these trying times those of us who believe in, and fight for, policies and directives based in morality, this is one of the few sites that can help you lighten up. As serious as the issues are that confront us daily there are limited resources that provide the same relief as Dawson’s Morlock Revolt. Myself, as a serious researcher, die hard Constitutionalist, and all around cynic, can find no other suitable retreat.