Farting for Marines banned in Afghanistan; Reactions, Comments

No butt plugs will be issued to Marines but farting has been banned in Afghanistan because it offends the Afghan people. The strange new rule of engagement came across the blogosphere today courtesy of the Military Times. Everyone is commenting on their blogs and inserting their own fart jokes. Fine. But I take my toilet humor seriously. Farting, and the comedy the action produces, is universal. It is the foundation of toilet humor and is recognized everywhere in the world. But in a PC military everything fun will eventually be banned. Rather than offer my own commentary I think everything that can be said about this is present in the comments on the story. They are wonderfully refreshing and let the rest of us know that our Marines are not that close to becoming robots. Hoo-Rah!

The Reactions


I’m a retired Jarhead over here right now as a slimy civilian. I think I will make a point of busting ass every time I see an Afghan anywhere near me, just for my brother who “can’t”. Semper Fi!

Bruce Petty

How and the heck are you supposed to open a can of whoopass without lettting the gas out

A USMC Beirut Vet (Click for full list)

*Since farting is now considered offensive beirutstamp.com offers up at least 100 alternative terms in a master list (nouns and verbs). Some new ones to me: Almond Toast, After dinner mint, Chanel No. 2, Ring-Tailed Roarer, Warp Drive.


Afghans don’t fart? We need that technology!

At the time of this post there are 91 comments. I urge you to not only check out the story (first link above) but do something most of us dont do; Read the Comments and contribute!!

Bullshit Update!!

I told you fart humor was universal. Afghan fart soundtrack-looks like everyone is enjoying it.