Rolling Stone Lied to get McChrystal Fried: Declassified CENTCOMM Investigation Report

Special thanks to private security contractor Timothy Krause, Science magazine, William G Webster LTG US Army for doing a spectacular job investigating this issue, and Yahoo News.

McChrystal & Team cleared of any wrong-doing. NO PSYOPS as Rolling Stone claimed. Declassified Report Below

In March of this year Rolling Stone published a piece of “investigative” journalism that dubbed a small group of US soldiers in Afghanistan the “Kill Team”. It was disgustingly dishonest and was written for the sole attempt to smear our troops writ large by emphasizing the questionable behavior of just 4 men. Their claims of this modern day “Wild Bunch” didn’t stand up to the statistics. In order to combat Rolling Stone’s “yellow journalism” I published a brief piece on Yahoo News that made short work of their claims. “Anti-Government forces the real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan” ran on March 31 of this year. It was so popular that it was the only commentary on Yahoo News to ever be resurrected from the Yahoo News archives (which gets a url “…” after a few days) And now it is relevant once again.

Now the official investigation has been declassified showing that not only did our soldiers conduct themselves professionally but it was revealed that Rolling Stone lied about certain individuals being involved in PSYOPS campaigns against people in Afghanistan. The full declassified report is available below. CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO REPORT

END NOTE: Exhibits and report Enclosures will follow. I will put them into a .zip file and make it available for download. Right now all of the related information is located in different places and can be tedious to find. I’ll do the work for you. Stay tuned