Afghanistan: US and Civilian Casualties Revisited

Hooo-RAH! Lay off our Soldiers Rolling Stone!

**Update: release of CENTCOMM reports on this issue exonerating our Military: COMING SOON**

I want to thank all the readers here and my followers on Twitter. Three weeks ago my article rebutting Rolling Stone calling American Soldiers the “Kill Team” in Afghanistan was revived. The original was posted on Yahoo News. After a few weeks of regular activity it was moved to the web address “…” Like all old news stories.

But now it has been resurrected and it is back in the current Yahoo News pages! This is due to your traffic, your retweeting, and your attention to the matter. It is the only news story in the past 5 years to be pulled back from the archives and put back into current rotation. Thank you! (I wont shorten the link. I am proud of your help and want to display the results)

The CENTCOMM reports have just been declassified thanks to the work of some good friends. And what do you know? It looks like our Military was professional once again and the leftist publication Rolling Stone was way off. Who’da Thunk It? Me. And you. Stay tuned for the release.