Pat Dollard’s “Night Watch” Ep. 1 Jihadis, Bitcoin, and Anonymous/Lulzsec

Pat Dollard debuted his new series “Night Watch” tonight. Structured as a two part educational series Dollard hosts an investigative piece on his site Mondays and then follows up with a radio show the next day expanding on the topic. This week we look at th3j35t3r’s campaign and revelations showing that Anon/LulzSec are not just pranksters but rather lost boys cleverly manipulated by Islamic radicals. Who’da thunk it? Well, The Jester did…the last man standing and the only voice of reason.

I am honored to be the first guest host with Pat Dollard on Night Watch. Our topic was the virtual currency known as Bitcoin and how it is being used by radicals like LulzSec with a clear ideological goal. These radicals are using young and impressionable computer savvy hackers (or script kiddies) to achieve their ideological goals and are using this digital crypto-currency to help fund their operations. The transactions are anonymous and so are the “hackers”. So what happens when you can create your own money and you’re being manipulated by Islamic radicals? Speakers up!

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UPDATE! 8/10/11

This podcast was only possible due to the diligence of The Jester (@th3j35t3r). All of the info that I cited in this show came from his research. To back up the claims that Pat and I made you must look at his research. Link here-start with first post and work your way down the page. Pay special attention to the Scribd DOC-this is what ties Anonymous/LulzSec to Islamic radicals (again-his work not mine)

It also seems that the man himself has found the podcast and approves. th3j35t3r endorses Pat Dollards Night Watch I am honored at his approval. I must’ve told his story pretty well. And I hope to be able to continue to tell his story accurately. While the world brushed off Anon/LulzSec as a bunch of goofy kids, Jester was the only one that stood against them, investigated them beyond what law enforcement could, and gave everyone the information we all needed to approach this topic objectively…Something our media could not do.

One Love