Ameripundit Responds to my Accusations…And not one fact can be proven.

A while back I had a run in with a fake conservative/fake twitter account @Ameripundit. In most respects he was a typical troll except he was a conservative who attacked other conservatives for no reason. Some attacks were based on race while others were misogynistic. Not only was this strange but when confronted he began to delete his tweets. I screen-capped them before he had a chance to. Basically, he got trolled softly.

For your review:

My Original Post in which I confront @Ameripundit, catch him being racist and misogynistic, and screen cap the whole conversation can be FOUND HERE

Now compare that to Ameripundits follow up post. (Be careful of the script) He cant prove a single thing he claims. Why you ask? Simple, no defense exists for him. He cant even show screen caps of our tweets because he rushed to delete them 🙂 Not a single claim can be backed up. I simply asked him how and why he was attacking someone I knew personally for no reason @RachaelJ83 who was at the time in the process of  becoming a contributor on this blog (which is now finalized) . His response was to DELETE EVERYTHING

Ameripundit claims that he is from New Jersey and was part of the New Jersey Tea Party. Here is the problem:

1) He is not from New Jersey like he claims (sorry “mate” youre not)

2) I have 38 sources directly involved with the Tea Party movement in New Jersey alone who DO NOT FOLLOW HIM AND NEVER HEARD OF “John van Metren” aka Ameripundit

The problem is this: I know everyone and Ameripundit knows no one. Furthermore no one knows him.

How you can win $50 for Retweeting!

A few weeks back I ran a contest to bring awareness to the Ameripundit profile and his behaviour (I’ll use his “Queen’s English” spelling). This contest will be similar. I will make a new post revealing details of Ameripundits new racist and misogynistic attacks, entirely unprovoked, on fellow Conservative women. To get entered you will only need to tweet the post and include @dmatthewstewart and #teamrachael. When I see it in my mentions I will respond that you are entered in the raffle.


In the last contest I offered a $25 prize for those participating. This time around I am doubling it and making it $50! You can receive payment any way you like. It can be paypal, cash in the mail, gift card of your choice, or even in Bit Coin. Whatever you want! Our last winner can give testament as to just how easy I am to work with when it comes to pay time!

Common Ground

Dear Ameripundit,

Truth be told I am still willing to give you (Ameripundit) the benefit of the doubt. But in order to do so we must meet on common ground in a neutral environment. If he is truly a conservative like he claims to be thtn we can meet on talk radio. I will let him choose the moderator, the time, and the show. If he does not have one in mind which can host us to hash out our problems I will appear on one he can create on Blog Talk Radio for free. I promise. I also promise to be civil and fair. Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I am always fair. I will not shout you down, I will not name call, I will not cut you off while you are making a point. In order to ensure this the moderator of tour choice can receive payment from me via paypal of $1,000 and transfer payment to you for every time I violate my own rules. I am not anonymous and I do not hide. Ever. This is clear from my contact page  and I have no reason NOT to meet you in a formal debate. And you can still remain anonymous, I care not about this. I have already ID’ed you and it is in the encrypted file on my first post on you. I will allow you to make the rules, assign the moderator, and “set the record straight” Join me wont you?