Is Anonymous Screwed? Judge Orders Computer Tracking Software Installed on Computers

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First it was Anonymous with their Lulzy operations; nothing more than some good old computer geeks trolling the unexpected for some lulz. Then later the whole world heard about Anti-Sec (anti-security) and LulzSec with their exploits on the forward facing sites of,, and other high profile targets like the Sony Playstation network. Then military logins and passwords were hacked right after releasing Chingra La Migra, in protest to Arizona’s SB 1070 bill. Then they were gone…

It seems like they may have cut their ties just in time. A judge has ordered tracking software be installed on multiple computers of recently arrested “anonymous” hackers. As of this publication 6 of the indicted hackers have authorized releases allowing law enforcement to monitor their computers.

All documents are provided via John Young at Cryptome, the original leak site. Official court releases with links listed below. Please note each link opens in a new window and as an Adobe .pdf file

Vincent Charles KershawConditions of Release

Jeffrey PulisiCondition of Release

Lance MooreConditions of Release

Donald HusbandConditions of Release

Keith Wilson DowneyConditions of Release

Mercedes Renee HaeferCondition of Release