Fake Conservative Exposed on Twitter: @AmeriPundit

“Actual tramp who got herself knocked up. Are you receiving housing assistance and SSI”

“Your surname and the fact you identify yourself as a single mother, make me glad to be rid of you, quite frankly”

“The best way to save Mexico is to send all the Mexicans in the U.S. home to help”

quotes from @AmeriPundit

Twitter is a great tool for communicating. But its also a great way for tools to communicate. Tonight we were able to expose an obvious fake conservative troll @AmeriPundit During the stream various users had asked him why he didnt upload a real pic of himself. This turned into a competition over who was more handsome; AmeriPundit or me (I did not have any part of instigating this). All the while though he was telling my good friend @RachaelJ83 that she got knocked up to be subsidized. Why would he say that? Well, because she has a Mexican last name. And tweets to @lizbuddie also confirm his contempt for Mexicans.

During my conversation with AmeriPundit he was busy making sexist and racists slurs to others. Once he was asked about this he started deleting those tweets. But no worries-they were screen capped and are available for all to view. What AmeriPundit didnt know was that Rachael Jimenez (@RachaelJ83) makes me homemade jerky, exchanges books with me, talks to me daily, and is scheduled to guest post here this week. It was because he didnt know any of this that he felt free to rip into her.

Deleted Tweets

To @RachaelJ83 (Rachael Jiminez)

Deleted Tweets to @lizbuddie

When asked about his comments AmeriPundit went silent for some time only to respond by telling me to “grow up”. First AmeriPundit told me that @RachaelJ83 is a liberal Mexican looking for a handout. He has deleted this reply. My response:

Here (below) I asked him if he could prove that @RachaelJ83 got knocked up just to be subsidized. Once I included the link (visible in first pic) he started deleting his tweets.

After I tried to go back and screen cap his tweets I realized he was deleting them. So I asked him about this and his response to me was to “grow up”. I didnt have to go back and delete anything irresponsible. But this is how liberals work; if they are doing something wrong they will instantly accuse you of doing it. Remember when union members were beating up Tea Party people and also biting finfers off? All we heard from Democrats is how the Tea Party could become violent at any moment.


Since AmeriPundit is reading this I have a little treat for him. Your info (and activity) has been scraped and uploaded to a file HERE. Dont worry, its encrypted. I am the only one that has the key. I will give you some time to make a public apology to @RachaelJ83 and @lizbuddie  and then delete your fake twitter account. But if you fail to comply I will release the key to this file. You may be asking whats in that file. What you should be asking is why you suck so bad at anonymous trolling. And boy you were the easiest target I have ever handled. Test me if you want; I advise you take the rational and correct path, the apology.

Sincerely – Douglas Matthew Stewart

UPDATE 7/28/11 with Contest Announcement!

Since I and others have addressed the AmeriPundit problem there have been some interesting developments; mostly on my end. His staunchest supporters @angrymom80 and @noway90 rushed to his defense. Well, they sort of did. They never really confirmed or denied if they support AmeriPundit. When pressed if they supported his racist and misogynistic remarks they said I was attacking them. (Facepalm). Later they justified avoiding the question by telling me I was “attacking their timeline”; which they made public and I was responding to their messages to me. So in other words I should let them talk to me, but when I talk to “them” its an attack. Are “they” starting to sound like Liberals yet?

"targeted"? Lame attempt to cover-up recently deleted tweets

As I stated above @AmeriPundit was throwing derogatory, misogynistic, and racist insults at @Rachaelj83 while he was chatting with me. He claims that I didnt screen caps the entire conversation. Well, I did. I just published pieces so he would keep lying. Knowing this he claimed he was taken out of context. Well, I purposely didnt post the screen cap of his timeline showing this in context the first time.  Now that screen cap is available below. (He was so predictable)

Once he was challenged, and realized I wasnt going to dig in @RachaelJ83 he started deleting them. I have also offered @AmeriPundit ADMINISTRATIVE access to this blog to respond and tell his side of the story. He has been silent. First my offer, second his messages, IN CONTEXT!

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Now, AmeriPundit claimed that he was taken out of context and attacked by “Liberal Trolls” (Me). So here is the timeline, in context. He thought he was safe to make the claim of being taken out of context because I didn’t publish this screen cap the first time. (facepalm)

Who was attacking who?

Notice the Time Stamp within this series; 12:40-12:48. AmeriPundit is not happy with just calling her a tramp living on the government dole so he goes after her again ten minutes later. Here you will see me asking for the first time (from above) how he knows this. Also notice that @cpowb cant understand it either. Notice now he has called her a cheap tramp twice inside of ten minutes. Do you know how this happened? He jumped into her conversation about being a single mother who refused to get an abortion. If AmeriPundit is a conservative this will be the first time in history a conservative trashed a girl from not having an abortion. His other identity @one4me1 took to attacking RachaelJ83 on her weight. Dont worry, all of his ID’s will be exposed soon. Remember the encrypted file above?

calling her a tramp TWICE inside of ten minutes for not having an abortion-yeah, real conservative

Later AmeriPundit claimed that he was getting DM’s (direct messages) that set him off and caused him to make racist and misogynistic remarks. No one, involved in this interaction sent him a Direct Message.

See-it was the DM's (that never happened) that turned him into a racist scumbag (first highlighted tweet expanded in right bar)

Why doesnt AmeriPundit publish those DM’s? Because they dont exist! The person involved in that conversation is @twombles96 who actually took the time to read this post and later apologized to RachaelJ83 and bailed on AmeriPundit. But being the nice guy that he is, AmeriPundit had to call him stupid on the way out.

Sometimes the weird need to be humored. However, when it comes to attacking people based on race, and assuming they are on the government dole is a whole different area of concern. Especially when you (AmeriPundit) have to scramble to delete what you have said publicly and tell everyone else you’re being singled-out and attacked. I have all the screen caps of his conversations and am going to release them as soon as he tells another lie. His “friends” @angrymom80 and @noway90 jumped into the conversation and we’ll be addressing them later. But during my conversation with @noway90 he kept calling me a liberal troll. So I saw Matthew Boyle from The Daily Caller on line and shot him a quick tweet you can read below. But that didnt stop him-more on that later

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Starting later this week (Its Official-Click Here for Contest) I will be holding an “Unfollow AmeriPundit” Contest. For anyone who unfollows him will automatically be entered into a raffle for cash prizes. Each week I will collect the names of those who have refused to follow him and have a neutral party draw the twitter users name from a bowl. The prize will be your choice of a $25 gift card. It can be an American Express or Visa one to be used as cash, or you can take one from any retailer/outlet of your choice.

But here the best part; every time I raffle one card off I will match the $25 with a contribution to the Wounded Warriors Project. I intend to run this for at least 20 weeks. This will allow me to reward the old followers who ditch him as well as the new whom have been sucked in under false pretenses. Full details on the contest will appear here tomorrow and there will be a dedicated page and tab at the top of the page next to “contact”


Remember when that White Supremacist came to a Tea Party Rally and we surrounded him and hounded him out? This is the same thing only over twitter. The only difference is that the white supremacist at the tea party rally at least had the integrity to show his face and admit his beliefs. AmeriPundit, angrymom80, noway90, and one4me1 have no guts, and no integrity. But wait, Im talking about them as if they are different people. More to come. PROTIP: When you have a new user jump into our conversation, try to have that ID follow at least one of us. Otherwise they just so happened to stumble across, our conversation (out of hundred of millions of profiles), and decided to vehemently defend your racism and slander sight unseen. Also dont bother to fix that now, I already have the screen caps from doesfollow.com to prove this. Busted