Government Stealth Internet Part 4: Prelude

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Since the start of the revelation of a new government created “stealth internet” the State Dept has gone into damage control. My running series on Your Daddy’s Politics has not only covered the developments but is starting to prove extraordinary claims. First and foremost, the original claim that the government already created a stealth internet. Secondly, it failed so spectacularly that it lead to the arrest, torture, and sometimes murder of innocent dissidents.

The interesting part in all these developments is how the State Department has accidentally proven these claims. In “Government Stealth Internet PT 3” we learned that the uprisings in Tunisia were in fact organized by the State Dept, just like the Egyptian uprising. Part 4 was supposed release those details. However, new developments tonight have taken us in another direction. Tomorrow we will address the theft of Libyan weapons by Al Qaeda Islamic Mehgrab. I tracked these in real time, showing their destinations. But the governments previous “stealth internet” and its security holes lead to the outing of a 20 year operative; losing the missiles. Tonight the State Dept confirmed my claims.

Tomorrow the very strange details will drop concerning the Libyan missiles, my published locations of where they went, and the ST Dept confirmation; one month later. I am doing this post for Pat Dollard and Derised1 in order to bring them up to speed; patriots, friends, and all around good folks. Both a blessing and an asset in any revolution concerning man’s mind and the quest for the naked simple truth.

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