Save Biomass before everyone finds out it doesnt work: 25×25, CAP, Green for All, AFT, etc

Chris Clayton has posted an article at DTN Progressive Farmer outlining the push back from 25× on cuts to renewable energy. The specific focus is on Biomass and it is interesting to see these cuts challenged now. Recently Iwatch released a video detailing how inconvenient Biomass is; seeing it couldn’t meet the regulations set by the EPA. (Video below) But wait, there’s more! Act now and you can find out just who exactly 25× really is. Hint: Center for American Progress, General Motors, and The Union for Concerned Scientists. What is more interesting is that their “founding documents” were hosted (tucked away) on one of the AFT’s websites. That was exposed in our post on 1/17/11 when they accidentally left their parent directory open. Whoops. Check that out, its hysterical. Plus it shows the alliance between the AFT (Teachers Union), Green for All, Ella Baker Center, Center for American Progress, etc on the Green Jobs Act that lead to these subsidies.

From the Progressive Farmer Article (who are these losers?)

The gutting of funds for some key renewable energy programs by the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Agriculture has drawn the ire of the 25x’25 Alliance, which called the proposed budget cuts “draconian.”

…no funds would be spent next year for the Biomass Crop Assistance Program.

Rightly so. It isnt working.

The bill also would stop all funds for the Rural Energy for America Program. REAP is a program Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack tapped to help establish blender pumps for higher blends of ethanol.

Please, lets not start on Tom Vilsack. He started Cap and Trade with “water credits” for Chesapeake Bay through Obama’s Executive Order 13508. The EPA and USDA claimed it would improve the local economy. When asked if they did an economic impact study they said “no” ; the executive order “doesnt require” us to do one…and “we havent done one”. Seriously, check it out here. (No one has mentioned it and its been a year). Wait, isnt Vilsack that dude that fired Shirley Sherrod prematurely after Beck “edit raped” Breitbart?