VIDEO: Prisoners shot during Egyptian Revolution in custody

From: Piggipedia/Arabawy


A new video from the Egyptian revolution shows Mubarak security forces firing live ammunition at prisoners. It appears that one is killed. We all saw the regime using live rounds against the protesters in Tahrir Square in an attempt to put an end to the protests. But that practice of firing at dissidents also happened while those in the opposition were in custody; after the regime had control of these individuals. (live fire starts at 0:30)

Exposing the Tyrants-Piggipedia

Piggipedia is an online project that seeks to expose the crimes and abuses of Mubarak’s corrupt security forces. Activist Hossam al-Hamalawy has taken on this task. Flickr has deleted the photos he uploaded to help activists, and the entire world, see who in the regime needed to be investigated and/or prosecuted. A small obstacle for Hamalawy that was easily overcome.

When activists stormed the State Security offices in Nasr City they had video cameras on hand to show the underground prison cells. Former detainees were also on hand to describe (video) their experiences of torture at the hands of regime officials. Also, in the underground prison activists found a stash of the electrical generators used to torture Mubarak’s political opponents. Remember Lethal Weapon?

Look for al-Hamalawy and his Piggipedia project to help further expose the brutality used against the political opponents of Mubarak.