The Flop: Child Soldiers and WH policy versus State Department

If you have your crack pipe handy hit it now; its the only way this is going to make sense. On May 4, 2011 the UN’s Global Classroom kicked off its annual event. Previously, in 2009, Hillary addressed the group and brought them together on topics they all seem to be fighting for.

Hillary and the crowd were against the militarization of children in armed conflict; or so the video seems to show. (at 2:40) They responded in kind with their applause to Hillary’s condemnation. However, Hillary Clinton was silent just one year later when President Barack Obama waived the restrictions on child soldiers being used in the Sudan. The measure was put in place by George W Bush and was immediately waived by Obama. Have you seen a press release from Clinton yet denouncing this action?

From November 2010 (click pic for story)

Totally against it but silent