Earth Day 2011: Remembering the Murders that Support It

Perfect for toting around body parts

Ah Earth Day! A psuedo-holiday based on junk science and shameless propaganda. To properly celebrate it we should remember the famous “Green” lunatics involved with the movement. Some killed many, some killed themselves. Lets take some time to remember these losers that are just one step above the typical “greenies”.

Heroes of the Green Movement

Ira Einhorn-one of the founding fathers of Earth Day. Today Rush Limbaugh reminded us that Einhorn was arrested for murdering and “composting” his girlfriend in a trunk inside his closet. His name has been scrubbed from the Earth Day page on Wikipedia. His personal page now claims that no one remembers him being involved. Dont you love revisionist history?

Charles Manson-After twenty years of silence Uncle Chuck finally spoke…in favor of Global Warming.

Osama bin LadenYep, he’s on board too.

James Jay Lee-Remember him? He was the Discovery Channel terrorist.

The Unabomber-Ted Kaczynski had one book in his house when he was caught. Al Gore’s “Earth in Balance”. (underlined and marked up)

The Suicide Pact-Its the first murder/suicide directly related to Al Gore’s lies. This couple offed themselves due to the fabricated “facts” surrounding Anthropogenic Global Warming. They tried to kill their kids as well but the baby miraculously survived. “Warmers” are so caring and so rational.

Sorry folks-I'll massage your chakra on the other side

Shall we keep going? No. Theres not enough room on the internet to list them all.