Daily Caller-Glenn Beck Content Theft from fellow conservatives and bloggers

Conservatives hit Beck for taking content without attribution

Well, what do we have here? This is really unfortunate that Glenn Beck has been hijacking good folks. But there is a bonus, Im in there! (page 3). And he also jacked Liberty Chick (that was probably the final straw)

Written by Matthew Boyle, he puts the myth to rest that “awesome” can be learned. It can’t-you have to be born with it. Go read it now and come back here.

Important Note: Beck on air claimed that I was given proper attribution in his Egypt “Study Guide”. He should have checked his own website before making that statement. Seven paragraphs, verbatim, are still on his site with no attribution. That post will come later with details, screen shots, and video from his show. Don’t worry Glenn, I still love you. And not in that phony Van Jones way.

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