Sterilization to be covered under ObamaCare

Less people-More Miniature Jackalopes Please

Today, Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis sent a report over to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebellius. The report (Full Text Here) included 12 additional benefits to be included under the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

One of those benefits is sterilization. But look at how crafty they were in classifying this as a regular benefit: First the chart and then the explanation.

Out of all plans, sterilization has 75% of plans which make “No Mention” of sterilization procedures. About 1% specifically prohibit it. Heres the catch, out of the approximate 25% that do cover sterilization services it is considered a regular benefit. Notice it is as essential as kidney dialysis but registers on par with emergency room visits

Therefore, it is considered a regular benefit to be written into the Affordable Care Act.

Eugenics for the 21st Century?

But this is health care for the poor, right? What if they ever change their mind? Will it even matter?  After all, only one-way procedures are covered under private insurance. We should expect the same from the government who is copying the private sector. Will there be government incentives for sterilization? Maybe an earned income style tax credit? What about a CO2 credit? Or will they have blown their money on Ipads and flat screen tv’s never being able to afford the reverse procedure? Heres the upside. If this expands Planned Parenthood will be fast to lobby against it, pitting the left against themselves. After all, they earn their money from abortions.