Muslim Brotherhood-Big Thumbs Up from the Carnegie Endowment

What a shocker! The Carnegie Endowment, a severely confused group of academic intelligentsia a serious think tank, is helping to minimize the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While most of the experts at the Carnegie Endowment are fairly rational, a few unlettered individuals have found their way into the group’s ranks. One of those illiterate contributors is Nathan J. Brown. Today he gave testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism which compares the Muslim Brotherhood to the Boy Scouts. For anyone wondering how someone like James Clapper can minimize the groups ideology, and underlying goals, will realize it is people like Nathan J Brown who help make that possible.

Desperation Invites the Masochist Bed Fellow

Mr. Brown has assured his audience of his expertise by reminding them that he has been studying the Middle East since 2004. Over those 7 productive years Brown creates an air of arrogance and ignorance too commonly seen amongst the ranks of the “intelligentsia”.

The most difficult aspect in offering criticism on Brown is where to begin. Throughout history the painful lessons from ignorance are often learned at the expense of the innocent. Brown’s opinions are not only uncanny in the familiarity with historical context, but also create the foundation of new painful lessons soon to be realized.

At the end of March the Carnegie Endowment had proposed the idea that Iraq may in fact follow the similar path of Egypt and Tunis. (Is Iraq Next: Audio) This is a completely rational scenario to contemplate. After all, the same idea was addressed here and on Yahoo months ahead of Carnegie. Even the calls for the New Islamic Umma Party to rise up in Iraq and “sweep the occupation into the dustbin of history” was reported here first. As a reader, you have been way ahead of the curve.

Over the next week we will dissect Nathan J. Brown’s opinions and make short work of him. The truly despicable do not get a pass here. Honest mistakes can be overlooked, but calculated opinions that build on the foundation of ignorance will not. Stay tuned. There is a lot to see here folks; please do not move along