A New Team Member

Greetings all. I would like to inform you of a change here at Ameristroika. Starting next week a new contributor will be joining us here. I know that youre probably thinking “Hey Doug, do you really need another Right-Wing Nut Job to prove your points?” You’re right, we dont need another Right-Winger. And that is precisely why we have gotten a Left-Wing Nut Job. Issues that demand attention in the public sphere will be addressed with both opinions appearing directly in the same posts. This new contributor is a former military man. We salute him and are grateful for his service; but now its time to slug it out.

For some time now I have tried, unsuccessfully, to add a contributor with opposing views. Unfortunately it was terribly difficult to find a person that was able to have a civil discussion without being combative and/or platitudinous. What started with a few snarky comments back and forth on Twitter evolved into substantive dialect. When that transition happened I knew we had found the right guy. And now its time to knock heads until we bleed. Stay Tuned