Jihad Women’s Magazine al-Shamika-The Foundation of Gender Oppression in the Muslim World

Special thanks to Cryptome.org for the al-Shamika file

This is the last thing I want to do. Everyday I hope the morning brings positive news on women’s advancement for basic human rights in the muslim world. I do not capitalize “muslim” for a reason…it doesnt deserve it. My Aunt was murdered under sharia law. Her husband/killer was never brought to justice. The compassion of multiculturalism prevented it.

Now a new muslim magazine aimed at women proudly continues this oppression with mind-twisting propaganda paired with pretty graphics. Al-Shamika (or al-Shamikha-not sure how the losers really spell it) helps women living under the slavery of islam accept their complacency under theological, and sometimes state sanctioned, abuse. Actually “abuse” is an understatement. As vast as the English language is there is no word to accurately describe these atrocities. Clicking both images takes you to the issue

Go to hell oppressors

Where is your God now?

al-Shamika informs women on how to stay married to a muhajideen, and how to wage digital, or electronic jihad. You better be down for the struggle, otherwise your precious life may be taken from you. And it is all justified.