Soros-Confidential Documents Published. Part 1 of 1,026

So what is Open Society up to? A lot! And that is why it is important to dig through their servers, social engineer their trusted peeps, and go on with your bad self.

When I say in the title that this is 1 of 1,026 I am dead serious.  By the way George, we love you (big kisses blown right at your rosy cheeks)

What is here today are screen caps of internal and “Not for Public”, or, confidential briefings related to George Soros and the Open Society Institute. Most are current projects and are only edited/censored so that I can get all the full documents without interference. (By the way OSI creeps, you can try to stop it, but I have your Admin passwords-Im not Julian Assange or Bradley Manning, I dont need to steal to get your info: you gave it to me with a smile…thank you)

"Core Threats" What are they?

Core Threats!

Oh Right, Laws that “make it a crime for Muslims to practice their faith” underlined in the following screen cap; of a continuation of this deranged liberal “work order”.

Practicing Muslims=Arrest? I Don't Think So

Series of initiatives

What are these “series of initiatives”? However, it’s pretty current (March 2011). Please explain…why is it labeled “Not Suitable for Public”? (phrase underlined)

Not suitable for Public?!?! You're not "Suitable for Public"

Lets get All Soviet Union…for Old Time’s Sake

George, baby-talk to me. Why are you still spending money to study the Soviet Union? Also why is this once again labeled “Not Suitable for Public”? c’mon Mr. Soros; we are ready for anything!

Study the Soviet Union for Ultimate LULZ

The Best for Last?

Well, you be the judge. Here a few of the thousands of screen caps, files, and internal memos I received tonight.

"Not for Public" Why not? We like to have fun too!

1978? Damn! This program is as old as I am!