New Video Game Propaganda Exposed-AYM, IMF, and MORE!-The Michelle Horstman Smackdown

If you don’t know who Michelle Horstman is then you’re spending too much time on the wrong sites. Recently she made short work of the very intricate web of politically slanted video game propaganda. A short time ago we attacked the topic here and felt we had covered all the players, angles, and connections. We were sadly mistaken and being wrong never felt so good.

Yep-its these idiots again

Duct tape your head and read Horstman’s new article “Gamers of the World Unite!” Once again we have the trouble makers from The Alliance of Youth Movements, The World Bank, as well as others. Im not going to give all the details away here. Read the article and make sure to keep it in context of the recent uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa and the role these same groups had in the events. Every time a revolutionary rock is overturned the same players are slithering underneath. Also check out their involvement in Breaking Baghdad

This is no longer about social justice. Nor is it just about improving the overall life for those less fortunate. This is no longer about charity and it is, in reality, miles away from liberty. This is turn-key global socialism aimed at drowning out any opposing ideology by making those ideas so scarce that they will never surface.

For additional related reading go through the countless resources in “Soros’ & Ford Foundation’s Heavy Involvement in Education and Policy Related Video Games”. After reading both you’ll realize, the best case scenario is that we’re totally screwed.