Digital Socialism-Cuba to South America-Developing

Adorable Talking Hugo Chavez Doll

Do you remember when Hugo Chavez hosted leftists from all over the world and told the American groups “We are nothing without you”? If you don’t remember that never fear-we will be updating you with full details.

There are new developments on those groups that we will be posting here over the next few days. Who are these socialists and who are they working with?

The HB Gary Federal scandal has leftists bouncing around with rage like a rodeo bull. Why? The idea of using fake online profiles, with social media sites to infiltrate their causes, has them flaming mad. But in South America, as well as Cuba, that same method is being embraced by leftists; most of them friendly with the same enraged groups here in the US.

Document Dump

There were supposed to be extra documents dumped yesterday at the Ameristroika Document Dumpster but that has changed. A few were sensitive while others had information that needs to be properly sorted out before release. When Stewart returns and I can establish regular communications with him we will decide together what should be uploaded and what needs further explanation.

ACORN, the IMF, and the real Plan for the Stimulus

Everyone seems to think that ACORN was loaded with cash because of its friendly relationship with the Federal Government. While that is a big help they don’t owe their financial success to politicians. We will publish the “Alinsky inspired” report that really gets down to the nuts and bolts of community organizing.

Nearly the same minute that President Obama proposed his Stimulus package a clear set of directives were already laid out. The people writing this report are socialists and they come from the IMF, the Woods Fund in Chicago, and then there is also a surprise individual to be revealed. (Note: we need legal advice before releasing this) Who are these people and did they get what they wanted? Stay tuned.

Share it fairly but dont take a slice of my pie

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-Ben Grier